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Had it.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bcltoys, May 14, 2011.

  1. bcltoys

    bcltoys Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well i'v run gingerbread for a little over a week it's alright but just to buggy on my phone on 595 deodexed apps all screwed up not working right so it's back to 1.4.1 apex for me it likes my phone.

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  2. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Android Enthusiast

    Strange how everything affects different phones differently. Steven couldn't get over how great .588 was, but it caused nothing but problems on my phone. Then when I got to .595 everything was fantastic, but you're having problems with it.

  3. alprazolam

    alprazolam Android Expert

    I'll be glad when we go official, rooted OTA so that we can all get rid of the X fragmentation.
  4. Steven58


    They were both good for me.
  5. Bankswood

    Bankswood Android Expert

    .588 was good for me but one of my favortie and most used apps, Weatherbug Elite would not work at all. Moved to .595 and no bugs at all and Weather Bug Elite is back up and running. Probably won't even mess with OTA unless you guys see a noticable improvement in it.
  6. bcltoys

    bcltoys Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    One of the problem apps for me was overclock advance it would not even appear as one of my apps somebody yesterday told me to try a lost app finder app or something like that, I was trying to do that and my phone just shut down on it's own and when I started it back up it went into a bootloop. I sbf'ed back to 340 and overclock was there in my restored apps. Lot's of other little bug's so I just said forget it for now.
  7. cougar214

    cougar214 Android Expert

    I had problems with the .571. that ran real crappy on my phone. The .588 wasn't too bad. A few problems with it. And this .595 runs great. A few hiccups here and there but I'm sure that's just things I'm doing wrong.
  8. bcltoys

    bcltoys Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Let me just add that the stock 595 runs perfect but that just it you cant do nothing to it.
  9. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Android Enthusiast

    As of right now, performance-wise, I honestly don't see how the OTA could get any better than .595.
  10. cougar214

    cougar214 Android Expert

    The only difference I can foresee coming in the OTA, among other things locked down, will be the inability to root. Which in turn is just an advantage for Verizon. Until our very capable devs sort it out anyway.....:D

    EDIT: unless of course you are a "keep it official" type person then by all means, Go with the OTA. Me personally prefer to keep my sorta "official" .595 and my ability to root/deodex/theme/rom.
  11. Bugly

    Bugly Android Expert

    I'm thinkin' the OTA will come and it will get rooted within a couple days, as has been the norm. I think I'm gonna stay on the .595 leak 'til there's a SBF ready so I don't have to go through fifteen steps to return to GB. This may be why some people are having good luck and others, not so much. The more steps it takes to get to a destination, the more possibility for either mistakes or glitches. That coupled with the fact that everybody has a different set of apps they run, it's amazing the leaks work for anybody at all.

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