Help Had my Galaxy S for a week, looking for Tips and advice


I got my Samsung Galaxy S since last week and I'm kinda liking it. I bought it because my iPhone 3GS stopped working and I didn't really want to get an iPhone before the next gen one comes out this summer and also because I was really curious about Android.

I just have some issue: Why is it so slow? I mean, It's running on Froyo and it's a good speced phone and I happen to get a lot of black screens when I open apps and so on, I even removed some widgets to save some ram.

Any suggestions to make it faster?


Yep, but you may not want to do it.

1) Root it then lag fix it

or, and much better

2) Install a custom rom

Both options apparently void tyhe warranty though dude.



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install froyo 2.2.1 from and then install a custom rom. I use darkys 7.5 which is super fast and great on battery life!!