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halloween costumes??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by melissai_, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. melissai_

    melissai_ Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    so what is everyone being for halloween?! best costume gets a virtual high five? ...sure!

    me&my bf are being johnny&june cash.

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  2. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Android Enthusiast

    Every year I alternate between two costumes: a working beer keg, & Marty McFly. This year, it's Marty's turn.

    Attached is a pic of me wearing my Marty costume a couple years ago.

    Attached Files:

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  3. melissai_

    melissai_ Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    ^ yes!! it's the 25th anniversary of the back to the future movies too :)
  4. tommy_ed

    tommy_ed Android Expert

    I'm going as Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch :D
  5. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire

    I'm Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers movies.
  6. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    Trying to be a bit cheap this year, so will put together a 'naughty maid' outfit from my wardrobe. Got to buy the accessories though (head piece, apron and duster) lol. I'm hoping that the Indian summer lasts until Sunday :)
  7. Seddy

    Seddy Android Enthusiast

    I was going to be Batman but due to the lack of funds I'm just gonna sit this one out, I'll spend Halloween at the Louisiana State Fair eating funnel cakes and enjoying myself on the not-so-thrilling rides. Woohoo!
  8. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    I don't dress up for Halloween because I'm naturally scary. :(
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  9. copestag

    copestag Android Expert

    Im going really cheap......... gonna wear my Richard Hatch costume
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  10. melissai_

    melissai_ Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    hahah let's be honest, even if it's sub zero out you'll wear that outfit :) every girl will

    :( wahh that's not nice!
  11. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    LIES!!! lol :p Look at that Avi!!!

    haha true :p
  12. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    You don't want to see her when she's mad.

  13. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery

    So I'm dressed up as a cowgirl for work today, with the cowgirl boots and all :) Easy and simple.
  14. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I'm sitting out the costumes this year. Taking my daughter trick or treating instead. Next year we'll have 2 to carry around :)
  15. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    Hmmmm vampire maybe?
  16. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire

    I should've been MacGruber lol
  17. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    Pictures or it's a lie

    *note - picture must comprise of a certain pose to include all accessories.
  18. melissai_

    melissai_ Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    funny....you havent asked for a picture of the Richard Hatch costume or the fat bastard one ;)
  19. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I wouldn't object lol
  20. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

    i'm thinking of wearing my Tigers t-shirt and a Tigers cap and going as a Tigers fan. this year i cant justify spending $$ on a getup that i'll wear once.

    my orig plan was foiled when i was going to make a T with 2 rainbows on the front and get the words pressed "so intense" on the back.



    watch them both for a laugh! watch the first, first... or not
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  21. melissai_

    melissai_ Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    oh my god. someone got stoned out of their mind...now they're making money off of their stupidity. i <3 america hahahahahahahahahaha this was hilarious.
  22. harukasan73

    harukasan73 Android Enthusiast

    Im wearing mine in my avatar.... I go to Ren-fests alot, and sew my own costumes.... Im usually a bar maid, lol... I posted a couple more in my profile, but you cant see the whole thing.
  23. SB13X

    SB13X Android Expert

    Here is mine:

  24. Bramsy

    Bramsy Android Expert

  25. Nessa D

    Nessa D Newbie

    I'm not. But being in Australia, that's normal. Probably won't even answer the door to the two or three trick-or-treaters we get either.
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