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Halp!! Noob with new gtab can't connect to static IP!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Quasardrake, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Please help! My dear husband gave me a gtab for my b-day yesterday. He said (you have my permission to start laughing hysterically after you read this) that he got me this because he just wanted something that would work out of the box for once. :D

    Now that you've stopped laughing... and bearing in mind I am a totally uninformed, non programming (now at least) noob, let me tell you what happened. I pulled it out of the box, charged it for >24 hrs (got to 95% but I understand getting these to 100% is, like, impossible). Turned it on and waited for the quick start applet. Never happened, so device is not registered with VS. Instead device went to a fairly plain screen, with a few app icons floating around and with a pic of an open lock at the bottom. I tapped the lock button and what I think is the desktop (fall leaves and app icons) came up. Tapped the wifi button in the upper right, got the dialog box and proceeded to the area where you can set up your networking.

    Now, I share a home with a couple that has their own server and their own domain name. They've had it for years, never been a problem. The domain is, I think, out of New Zealand :thinking:(don't ask). They/we use, according to the husband (not mine)who set this up, a static IPA. So I go into the setup on the gtab and give it the static address, check the box to tell it to USE that address. Now all it will do is try to access this network, flash by some message so fast I can't read it, then it says disconnected. Then it tries again. Over and over.:( It just won't connect to the house wifi at all. :mad::(
    My housemate's wife has a cruze(sp?) ereader/tab and is having no problems connecting.

    Any thoughts? I mean, i can't even register this thing for warranty coverage if it won't access the wifi. Am I going to have to take it to a starbucks or something and try via a public hotspot? Am I going to have to return it? I've dug around for several hours and can't find anything on this problem.

    I don't really want to "root" this thing at the moment (and will someone please tell me what the heck "rom" means - way back in 1982 when I was studying comp sci in a pi**ant college in Louisiana :rolleyes: it stood for "read only memory" but I don't get the impression that's what it means around here). I'd like the opportunity to study a few things before i consider getting root access and installing a new OS or sumptin'. I'm older and not as adventurous as I used to be.

    I mainly just wanted to use this thing as an ereader and to maybe play music/video and/or a few games. I would have been happy with a B&N Nook, but DH said he got this for "around" the same price "and it does so much more!" :cool:

    Sorry for the long windedness, It's habitual. :eek: If anyone can help me figure out how to connect this dohicky to the house wifi via the static IP I'd really appreciate it!

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