Sep 19, 2023
I already did all the troubleshooting available online, my OS is windows 10 , is there any posibility that my laptop is not really compatible?
Can you post a link to where you downloaded HAMX?
You can download it in your android studio , open android studio go to customize ---> all settings ----> look for" android sdk" ---> go to sdk tools and look for " Intel x86 emulator accelator ( haxm installer )
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I once had Windows 11 lie to me telling me my Core i7 ain't supported when it is listed in the supported CPU list on their site. Took a USB installer and hacking via DOS PROMPT trick to get past it. This is probably another case of Windows 10 being a dick in general. I had multiple instances of 'this app won't work' (that's all it said no code no nothing talk about dumbed down) and it ended up being a 32 bit app not working with a 64-bit OS when technically it should as backward compatibility exists but overall it's one of the many things that ultimately pushed me to linux. It ain't my OS's job to protect me from myself. If I screw something up with running an app that Windows finds 'unsafe' that's on me and me alone.