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Handcent and MMS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tedman, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Tedman

    Tedman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have searched and haven't found anyone having problems with receiving MMS on Handcent, Is there a setting I am not finding to help with this. If someone sends me a slideshow, all I get is a pic with a "play" button. When I hit the button nothing happens. Should I delete program and start all over? What are your Handcent settings? Thank you!

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  2. troyboytn

    troyboytn Well-Known Member

    I had this happen on one particular MMS, but has worked ever since. Is this happening on all your recieved MMS? Another thing you can do is open the stock messaging app and view the MMS there. That is how I viewed the one that idnt come through on Handcent.
  3. Tedman

    Tedman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, It happens on every MMS. And since I haven't heard anyone else complain about this, I figures it must be a setting i'm missing. I will try opening the stock text program. Thx.
  4. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    Unrelated to MMS but can anyone get the trackball to actually light up?? In the release today it was noted that this is suppose to work but it still does not work for me. Anyone else?
  5. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast

    What "RELEASE" today???
  6. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    in the UPDATE, sorry.
  7. DroidGurl

    DroidGurl Newbie

    Can someone tell me what the biggest differences are between the stock texting program and handcent? I looked at the screen shots at their site but it's confusing to me what would function differently and why people seem to like handcent better. Thanks!
  8. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Android Enthusiast

    I actually like the stock messenger a lot, the ONLY feature I need from handcent is the pop up feature. I tried SMS pop up but it didn't clear my read message from the message icon on the home screen, and that annoyed me.

    I also like how it shows a small version of the photo if you send one, instead of a little box that says 'slideshow'.

    I am weird about using add ons when you have something there already, I hate having "un-needed stuff" on my phone (having the stupid footprints, twitter, nascar and football apps, make me mad too).

    So sometimes I hate having to use handcent, I prefer to have ONE messenger program on there and use up less app space, but I need that pop up feature. Otherwise, I'd uninstall handcent and use a pop up app.
  9. K-Rizzle

    K-Rizzle Android Enthusiast

    On and that play button thing has happened to me once too.

    Now my issue is with receiving replies from my mom after I send her a pic. I guess her blackberry attaches my MMS to her rply? For some reason my phone won't open it.

    It shows up in my inbox as an MMS, but it's really not, it's just her replying to a pic I sent of say, my son, and her saying "aw cute". or something along that line.
  10. Tedman

    Tedman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I like the handcent because of the chat bubbles and the option of voice text. I originally changed to handcent because of my phone staying awake 100 percent of the time. The change didn't help but I enjoyed the handcent and decided to stick with it. I am having second thoughts now though because of my MMS issues.
  11. hydroid

    hydroid Newbie

    I need some help. I can not recive sms. I can send them and the other person can recive them. I am using Handcent and I was able to get sms untill yesterday.
    Anyone knows y is happening or wat should I do?
    Thnx in advance.
  12. puffx0r

    puffx0r Newbie

    I just wanted to say that I have no issues with MMS.

    Sometimes my friends on T-Mobile will actually attach multiple pics to a single message and when it appears in Handcent, it has a play button (which looks like it's a video, but it's not). But all I do is tap the message itself (not the actual image) and it tells me there are 2+ attachments and gives me the option to save them to the SD Card.

    When video arrives, it too has the play button, but when I press the play button it actually plays the video.

    So I suppose the only problem would be that multiple images and video messages both appear the same and the only way I know the difference is if I tap the play button and either 1. Nothing happens [images] or 2. Video plays.
  13. Scarps

    Scarps Newbie

    Just received 2 mms from same person and with handcent just got a download link repeatedly. So I used the default message app to download and view the mms.
    Do I need to do anything in handcent to enable mms?

    HTC Hero (europe)
  14. puffx0r

    puffx0r Newbie

    Nope. All I do is press the download button in the message and then the image/video will appear.
  15. andolini411

    andolini411 Newbie

    I love handcent. You can customize the background color of the recieved and sent texts, and change the colors of the font itself seperately of send and recieved messages. For me its alittle laggy, but that could be my phone. other than that i love it. Very very customizeable.
  16. nick325i

    nick325i Android Enthusiast

    I too have the play button problem. I think animated GIF's are a no go with handcent. Not sure, i need someone to send me one to test it :)
  17. deaddoon

    deaddoon Lurker

    This happens to me as well, if someone sends me a pic with text in it I get the big arrow and clicking it does nothing, If I go to stock app it works fine. any ideas, also if I go to "menu" "save MMS" I then see the pic there??
  18. calimocho

    calimocho Lurker

    I was just giving Sprint a mild ass chewing over my MMS not working. Then it occurred to me it got spotty around the time I installed HandCent. Some made it thru just fine but most I wouldn't even get an alert. Uninstalled handcent and can now recv at will :(
  19. MikeMcG

    MikeMcG Well-Known Member

    When that happens, tap and hold on the message, not the picture. Then a menu pops up. In that menu, click "view as flat slideshow" Thats the only way I can get multiple pictures to show when the play arrow is there.
  20. Helenoftroy08

    Helenoftroy08 Android Enthusiast

    I was having problems with handcent and downloading mms. Seems though, if I checked the option for automatic retrieval in the stock messaging application my issue was reolved. MMS option open right up for me with no problem! Hope this helps!

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