Handcent group SMS or MMS?

Hey so I just got Handcent and love the emoji support but now I'm having issues with group messaging. First of all does it send as an SMS (text) or MMS (data)? I just got downgraded from unlimited data so I'm trying to watch it.

That aside the main problem is that sometimes it sends like this:

Me to friend A: Ok cool

Me to friend B: Ok cool

Me to friend C: Ok cool

then other times it will just work like I would like and say:

Me: Ok cool

This sometimes makes it very wonky on both my side and my friend's side for receiving group messages. He will get a group thread and the same text in a thread from just me. Really weird stuff.

Man I loved iMessage, so convenient!


The Doctor
The first example, where it goes as multiple copies, it goes through SMS. The second goes through MMS. IMessage groups uses data like MMS, difference being they use Apple Servers.