Handcent Issue


Hello folks,

I hope you can help me...please be gentle, I apologise if this issue has been discussed elsewhere - this is my first post!

I have recently got a Samsung Galaxy S working on Froyo, my first Smartphone.

I installed Handcent SMS, which I'm really enjoying using. The only problem is that the input box does not grow as I type (in normal mode). This means that with a long message, you have to scroll up and down to see what you've written. The box will not grow bigger than five lines. The native Messenger system and Chomp SMS do not behave like this.

There is some discussion on this issue at the bottom of the following article:
Android App of the Week: Handcent SMS | PC Pro blog

I just wondered if it was to do with my phone, the version of Android, or if others have found this? Do you find it equally annoying or is it not an issue for you?

Handcent is a great app, but it's being a bit ruined for me by this issue!

If anyone could provide some help, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance