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May 1, 2010
First off Love my DINC. only prob i've run into so far was with Handcent. Last night, for the second time, I sent a text message and then i got an alert saying Handcent had to force close, so I did but when I went back into the app all my threads were gone :mad: not cool. Anyone else have this problem? Should i just use the stock messaging system?
There has been updates for Handcent, make sure you use the latest version. I love the app and had no problems with it.
also try a SMS backup app so you don't lose your convos. I'm using "SMS Backup" - free in market. It saves to your GMail account, and there is an option for auto backup. So far as I know, there haven't been any problems.
Maybe try reinstalling Handcent.

if you still have problems, try out chompSMS.

After installing and uninstalling Handcent 3 times, I too decided to try out ChompSMS and I have had much better success. ChompSMS is awesome, however, I wish it would display the number of unread messages on the icon on my homescreen.
Thanx for the responses! Very helpful. If it happens again I will try Chomp
Follow up! I contacted Handcent through Email and they responded quickly. They asked if I was using an Antivirus app, which I was, they said many people have had the same issue. Getting rid of the antivirus solves the problem. Now the question is do I need the Antivirus app????????? i really like Handcent.
LOL. no. I have no idea why I had it. I think when I first got my phone and D/L'd a bunch of apps and it was one of them. My DInc is actually running way better now what I dont have it installed any more!!!!!! Sorry, im new to this Droid thing, what can i say?
Wow the person just emailed me again saying the Antivirus may have been collecting personal info off my phone! they said they might put a warning up about it on the Handcent Start Up screen!!!!!! wow this could be a huge bug fix. No Antivirus app or Uninstaller app for me. My phone is running way better already.