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handcent sms question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by travva, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. travva

    travva Member
    Thread Starter

    guys i am using handcent and am loving it so far. very good app. my question is regarding the led notifications. obviously, for gmail if someone emails me the light flashes green. cool. if someone txts me, i have it set to red. cool. those work great. HOWEVER, if someone txts me, then someone else emails me afterwards, only the red led will show up. i haven't tested it backwards, e.g. email first then txt. this isn't supposed to be right??? what is the point of having different notifications if so... i did search btw and couldn't find an answer.

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  2. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    i am going to guess that this is working as designed. i mean you get 2 things coming in one after the other. there's only one indicator light, so it can only show one color at a time. so the droid programmer had to choose... pick the first one or the second one? i could make a case for either way. i guess they chose to display the first. either that or they chose to give priority to txt over email.

    i guess they could have programmed it to blink one color then the other. but they didn't.

    let it go. :)
  3. travva

    travva Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah but i thought for sure i had seen people post that they had different color lights for different notifations. this seriously seems to me like it's not working right. i'd prefer someone w/ a droid and handcent that can confirm 100% if it does the same for them reply here. thanks for your reply though ocean, it is appreciated.
  4. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    there are indeed different colored lights for different notifications if you set it that way. you stated yourself that you have red for txt and green for email. what i'm saying is that there is only one actual physical indicator light. so it shows one color at a time. it's capable of showing different colors, just not simultaneously.

    edit: unless i'm totally misunderstanding your question...?

    p.s. i use handcent.

  5. travva

    travva Member
    Thread Starter

    what i am asking is: if fred sends me an email and i see my phone sitting on the desk flashing green and i don't pick it up and then bob sends me a text, i would expect it to flash red. then i would expect it to flash green. is this not the way it works? i don't mean simultaneously perse, but in sequence.
  6. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    if you mean blinking red green red green red green red green, then no, it does not flash in sequence. might be kinda cool if it did.

    if you mean:

    email comes in, green green green green, then
    txt comes in, red red red red,

    then just going by your experience, also no.

    i can see how that could be a perfectly sensible way to do it, but apparently if there is a light already showing then it's "locked" in that mode, and subsequent notifications don't override it. i guess it's first come first serve.

    i haven't tested it myself, so i guess i'm not 100% sure. but do you suspect that your droid is defective or something? that would be a very odd defect...
  7. travva

    travva Member
    Thread Starter

    no man, i just think that's the normal way it would work. i have nothing but logic to base this off of, but it just seems like how it should work to me. otherwise it's sorta pointless to have a different color led notifier, imo.
  8. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    i think the point of the light is to show you that you have something there. if you've got a bunch of things stacked up, it shows the color of the first one, not the last one. that's a perfectly reasonable choice for moto to have made.

    say you leave the phone on your desk and walk away for a while. you get a txt and an email in that time. you come back to your desk and you see a light flashing on your phone. you know you have at least one something there. whichever color is displayed, you're not going to know about the other thing. so either way you are only getting a partial picture of what's there.

    the only way around this is to have it blink red green red green red green. but it doesn't do that.

    lol well anyway, time for me to hit the sack.
  9. travva

    travva Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah i guess i can see your point that it's notifying you, period. whether it's pink, blue, red or w/e, it's blinking and when you check it, it's going to show you the notifications in the bar either way.
  10. rawness

    rawness Android Enthusiast

    I think it's a missed opportunity, I mean the whole point of having it be different colors is so that you can quickly know what it is.

    It's different for different people, but to me, texts take priority, so there are times (say the weekend) where If I get an email, I don't care to check it, cuz I know it's not urgent, but I like to read my texts and acknowledge my missed calls, but if all I see is a green light, I may not bother checking it thinking all I have is some missed emails.
  11. Bobarazzi

    Bobarazzi Newbie


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