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handcent SMS settings help??

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Leslie_Jeanneth, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Leslie_Jeanneth

    Thread Starter

    I absolutely love this app!!! Its amazing but I cant seem to find how to disable the little tool bar that appears at the bottom of the screen when yiu compose a message...the one with the full editor and attachment options....I know its able to be removed because I used to have it like that on my previous phone. Ive gone through every settings option and cant find it...please help me??

  2. wirehead2501

    wirehead2501 Lurker

    OH MY GOD. This was driving me up a wall too. I just wasted like 45 minutes trying to figure out how I disabled this on my old phone.

    Go into a conversation with a person. Click the options (three vertical dots) in the upper right, and then "Hide bottom panel".

    Why this isn't with all the rest of the custom theme settings is beyond me. :mad:
  3. Leslie_Jeanneth

    Thread Starter

    Thank you but after about 3 hours of clickimg everything within the app... i was able to figure it out and then i felt really stupid because it was RIGHT THERE...no idea why they would put it inside the settings of a single contacts thread and not the general app settings...
  4. wirehead2501

    wirehead2501 Lurker

    Well, now the answer is here in case anyone else Googles it. :)
  5. Leslie_Jeanneth

    Thread Starter

    We have helped our fellow Hancent SMS users
  6. SammyP

    SammyP Lurker

    You definitely have.

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