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Handcent SMS: The top dog in the android SMS/MMS game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Caddyman, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Nov 10, 2009

    Nov 10, 2009
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    Handcent messenger has a huge following in the Android messaging app world, and for good reason. Handcent is a SMS/MMS replacement for most all Android handsets, it is highly customizable, relatively fast, stable, and easy to use. Usually when you want to wow a friend with your phone the last thing you are thinking of showing them is a text message screen but with Handcent's customization this can easily be pulled off.

    Some features of Handcent SMS from their site.
    Compatible with existed android phones,including HTC Dream,Magic,HERO ,MyTouch 3G,
    Cliq,Droid,Moment,Tattoo,ERIS,Nexus One,Desire,Legend,X10......
    Full Support SMS,MMS including attach picture,movie,audio.....
    Greate customizability,you can define many options on settings window
    Power SMS POP UP Window including SMS Template(Quick Text),Recognize Speech and Speak SMS
    Group Send SMS & MMS, easy people & group select , Sync with your phone contact database
    Beautiful UI ,including different theme and different conversation bubble style (iphone,handcent ,android)...
    Define different ringtone,vibrate,LED,background,signature ,bubble style... for different people
    Support additional font pack ,can display sms message with many beautiful & stylish font
    Blacklist ,Search SMS & MMS ,Batch Mode for threads & Messages....
    Support Handcent keyboard (A T9 predict Text keyboard)

    The big ones to me are the pop up, some people pay for an app that does only this, and not even as well. Light up trackball for incoming messages is very nice if you miss the notification you still see your trackball light up. The customization is just incredible, the depth of things you can do and tweak is almost dizzying. Also it has a nifty widget that will show you how many TXT's you have unread in your inbox right on your homescreen.



    Only bad thing I have ever experienced with Handcent it can sometimes be slow or hang, not very often, but sometimes. This IMO is understandable seeing as how it is such a relatively large app.



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