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Handcent SMS: True customization combined with security.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Kainous, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Kainous

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    There are 2 major Messaging app alternatives. This and ChompSMS. Handcent gives you a great deal of customization. It isn't just limited to the normal Android style or iPhone style like ChompSMS. Those 2 are available to choose from, however this app has its own 2 unique styles as well.

    You can change the fonts by using font packs from the market or have it scan fonts from all your apps. You can put a background for all your SMS screens. Change the style, font, color, font background color, etc.

    You can lock your standard messaging app and Handcent using the security features in it. You get the Android pattern lock when you open the app, should you choose so.

    It can also use TTS to read your messages out loud. Developer constantly listens to requests and responds very fast.

    The only upperhand ChompSMS has over this was that you could send using chomp credits which were cheaper in SOME countries.
    However for countries like mine in the Middle East and other parts in the world. ChompSMS is actually more expensive to use both locally and internationally.

    This is the app to go for if you like to customize your messaging experience.


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