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Handcent vs Chomp SMS vs Stock

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mcchriswood, Aug 9, 2010.


which messaging app

  1. Handcent

    87 vote(s)
  2. Chomp SMS

    26 vote(s)
  3. Stock

    35 vote(s)
  1. mcchriswood

    mcchriswood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Currently using the stock HTC messaging app on my Desire but have been debating Handcent and have seen a few mention Chomp SMS.
    What do you guys all prefer??
    If i did decide too go with Handcent how can i stop my messages coming through as standard notifications through the stock messaging app??
    Come on guys tell me why i should change :)

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  2. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    In stock app

    menu>settings> uncheck received notifications

    i like both apps, but i had to choose one, and when i made my decision chomp had a popup that handsent didn't. now they both do, and i don't even use the popup, because i use pure messenger in tandem. lol life with evo rulz!
  3. Marc Wonderland

    Marc Wonderland Well-Known Member

    I have used both Handcent and Chomp. I currently use Handcent because of the fonts you can download for it. Not sure if Chomp has specialized fonts. Both have great customability.
  4. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    Chomp will happily make use of the Handsent fonts once you have downloaded them ;)
  5. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    I started using Handcent before Chomp had the lock screen popup. Now in my opinion there is very little difference between the two, but I'm comfortable with Handcent at this point.
  6. avacomputers

    avacomputers Android Enthusiast

    I use stock all the way.
  7. diS

    diS Android Enthusiast

    ChompSMS all the way!

    Best messaging app there is available in my opinion.
    Awesome "Customer service". The dev really listens to the users and there

    They have a forum where you can put your thought on and within a couple of hours
    there is a reply from the devs.

    It has a quick reply function that really is great in every way
    and the customization is great to. It's also allowing custom fonts.
  8. WozzaTT

    WozzaTT Well-Known Member

    Stock in conjunction with Missed Reminder.

    Have used both of the other two but neither let me send or receive picture messages. Also, found Handcent quite laggy at times. I do quite miss the bubbles though!!
  9. mcchriswood

    mcchriswood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    decided too change too handcent;
    Love the little fact that you can change the colour of the led when a message is recieved.
    Not overly impressed by the medium widget though although it does take up less space i would have liked something a little different.
    on a different note i have recently downloaded around 30 or so apps.
    Do you think this will massively slow my phone down or anything - i know some people have hundreds im just probably paranoid.
    Also will downloading and then deleting an app have any ill effect?
  10. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    what are you talking about? BOTH support MMS.... thumbnails appear in the message bubbles. they download automatically when viewed.
  11. mcchriswood

    mcchriswood Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Also on Handcent is there a way that when i go too write a new SMS and click the + to enter a contact in i can see only the phone contacts rather than sim and phone contacts as this does get rather frustrating sifting through 2 of everything??
    And do you guys save your numbers in general too the sim or to the phone
  12. ck4794

    ck4794 Well-Known Member

    i have gone back and forth between all 3, stock, chomp, and handcent. and while i can't find anything that really stands out between handcent and chomp, both have a leg up on the stock simply because of the pop ups. but other than the pop ups none of the three really stands out in my mind as far as functionality.
  13. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast

    Handcent all the way!
  14. Marc Wonderland

    Marc Wonderland Well-Known Member

    I save to both and have not had that problem what so ever. I haven't looked at the customization of Handcent for a while until today and I notice there are a lot more customizations than before, like the fact you can can fully customize the screen color using an RGB slider, as well as as the blinking lightS...So I am happy with it.
  15. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    Your timing is perfect. I just received an MMS from a friend and all I got in Handcent was a download button which never seemed to download the attachment. I grabbed ChompMMS and it automatically downloaded and showed me the attachment.

    All that for a 7kb PG-13 picture. No, I will not post it here. ;)

    PS. I'm using the free versions of both.
  16. Crodley

    Crodley Android Enthusiast

    I liked chomp (or was it handcent? well, one of those two) with one exception. When I'd get my 2 or 3 daily photos of my Great Grandson, and try to save them to my phone, it always saved it as the same file name and never gave me anyway to rename it, so it overwrote the old image with the new. I couldn't have that, so back to stock for me.
  17. tracerit

    tracerit Android Enthusiast

    can you save MMS with the stock messenger?

    also, does one messenger have an advantage in that it can accept larger sized MMS's?
  18. diS

    diS Android Enthusiast


    No, I don't think there is any difference in it.

    btw. ChompSMS can do more things then people assume. It gets lots of updates to introduce new
    and cool things. ;)
  19. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Well Handcent is totally crapping out since Froyo 2.2..... I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice to no avail... I can't delete threads without it totally crashing and I've noticed the whole phone is faster when its not installed.

    Also not sure if I should blame it for my random restarts or not.. but I'm seriously looking for an alternative after being faithful to handcent since the beginning of Droid Moto.

    I may have to try Chomp.
  20. Abdur

    Abdur Android Enthusiast

    Is handcent still crashing, or has the problem been fixed?
  21. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Never had an issue once I got rid of chomp and reinstalled Handcent... not sure if it was because an update or what.. but no more issues....
  22. sanibel

    sanibel Android Enthusiast

    I really like Go SMS, which has most, if not all, of Handcent's feature. It's free with popup (optional) and many themes.
  23. windstrings

    windstrings Well-Known Member

    Wow.. really!...... handcent has so many feature, tweaks, and customizations I never imagined any better.
    Chomp was nice but still less than Handcent.

    If you have tried handcent recently, maybe I'll have to test out Go SMS.
  24. rchacin

    rchacin Newbie

    After several weeks trying Chomp, Handcent and Chomp again, I decided to give GO SMS a try....

    I found it as powerful as those, without Handcent laggyness and without Chomp ads.

    Any feature those programs have (Handcent and Chomp), GO will have too and probably better.
  25. vaccdroid

    vaccdroid Well-Known Member

    Used handcent for a while and I liked it but after I tried Chomp I liked it a little better ( not much but better due to no lag) BUT I then saw and tried GO SMS and it was the winner . I like GO SMS best with Chomp a close second, Had way too many issues and forced closes with Handcent and way laggy with every update. I say give GO SMS a try. its also as far as I can tell a smaller program memory wise and has all the features.

    For me SMS GO the winner.

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