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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kmf, May 4, 2012.

  1. kmf

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    Occasionally the ID is the phone number, not the name, when receiving text messages with Handcent. The senders are in my contacts list. What's up?

  2. VAGirl52067

    VAGirl52067 Newbie

    I had to delete handcent from my electrify. my ringtones stopped working after i would receive more than two texts back to back. then ALL my sounds stopped working and it was disabling my sd card. I thought it was something with the phone but it was infact the app. I went to the app and read the reviews and seen where others were having the same issues. There is a bug since the latest update.

    I switched to GOsms now and it works fine.. with the exception of it will not let me send a text any longer than 50 characters:mad:. I had to click to tell it to split at 160 characters.. but.. still.. 50 characters is all I get and it is splitting my texts. Does not do this on my husbands phone (HTC Desire) so, I don't know.. kinna makes me think the Electrify just doesn't want me using anything but the standard texting app..lol

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