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Hands Free ??? Cant hear you

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Buckeye85, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Not meaning to sound like a broken record but I too am a new to the world of Android mobiles, have a Samsung Galaxy W. There is currently one problem that I am absolutely stumped on, it involves volume control particularly with use of a headphone.

    1. Unlike my old Nokia, I have been told that there is NO way in which to use an Over the Ear type head phone set up that would allow me to make hand free calls via a built in microphone. All I want is a system that would allow me to speak a name, then dial the number. It goes without saying that the headphone would allow me to listen to music and then alert me to incoming calls, thus allowing me to answer via the Microphone. I find it hard to believe that this scenario is IMPOSSIBLE on a new model handset. :eek: :thinking:. Please , Please can anyone explain why this is the case . . IF it is indeed the case??'?

    2. My second senario ( if the above is indeed true and I must give up the fight) is that I have recently purchase a 'back of ear' type headset from Motorola - Dueal audio mixer with Skullcandy technology. This does not provide me with the service that I outlined above, but it does mean that if I set my handset to automatic answer, a call will suddenly present itself without a lot of warning. Not idea but beggers can't be chosers. I can not make any out going call via the microphone. PROBLEM - Volume control. I find that with this set up that hearing the phone ring or indeed hearing the caller speak thru the headset is difficult. I have both my phone and headset turned up as loud as it will go. If I am out on a jog or walking in town, surrounding noises (traffic etc) make the process all the more difficult.

    A) Any suggestions
    B) Would a application download help me to control volumes more. I am more interested in general volume control of incoming calls then I would be to levels of bass, treble etc.
    C) I can't wear in ear phones.

    I feel as though I am asking the world but someone out there must know something. I am a very Young, mature person, with little techno knowledge. Any advice most appreciated. Thanks
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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