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Hands On With the Bionic

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Preach2k, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Preach2k

    Preach2k Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This from someone on Another Forum . His Name is Joe the Insider and he has the Bionic. This what he has to say so far:
    This is all he has shared so far.



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  2. troll_killer

    troll_killer Newbie

    Preach, is there any way you could post the pictures?
  3. DDave

    DDave Well-Known Member

    I'm so excited I almost spit up....
  4. BringItSon

    BringItSon Well-Known Member

    yea... can you please post the pictures?? It says i have to register and i am too lazy.
  5. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Yes please post the pics if you would.

  6. Preach2k

    Preach2k Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Continued from Earlier Post..

  7. Chugworth

    Chugworth Member

    You've got to be kidding me. This is the single most annoying problem that I have with my D1 (except with the D1, the delays can be 30 seconds or more and happen very often). I can't believe that newer phones like the D3 still have a similar problem. Come on Google, can't you design a better way to cache the application icons?

    I'd really like to hear about the Droid Bionic's laptop dock. They say that it runs the full Firefox, but I would also like to know if it can run other apps. If the laptop dock could run my Remote Desktop app, that would be excellent!
  8. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    Probably the same as the Atrix dock which can do anything the phone can do on the laptop dock.
  9. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Android Expert

    This is from another person. I can't believe how many people got early access to the Bionic! From the looks of the screen, the battery icon is actually STRAIT! :D

    Here's his story.

    And his video.

    My Bionic - YouTube
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  10. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Damn I just may have to get me one!
  11. xmr405o

    xmr405o Android Expert

    Hey Thanks Preach and tehsusenoh! Great vids and overall information. You guys have been an info magnet for the Bionic. Just like Bart Scott says...

    Can't Wait!!!
  12. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

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  13. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Android Expert

    Cf - YouTube

    4g web video - YouTube

    Apps, etc.. - YouTube

    How's the camera quality?

    Does it have the homescreen bug?

    Does it have redraw or lag problems like the D3?

    Does it have a notification light?

    How is it outside?

    This is everything as of when this post was made.
  14. radiocures

    radiocures Lurker

    First, thanks for the videos. The phone looks nice. Confirms my interest for sure.

    How much do the benchmarks he ran correlate with real world use? The SGSII blew it away, more than I would have expected.

    The pentile issue is there on the extreme close up, but it's hard to tell if it's better at normal viewing distance.

    Now I'm waiting on people having these long enough to report on the battery life. :)
  15. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    The Bionic runs at a higher resolution then the GSII so its going to benchmark lower.
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  16. radiocures

    radiocures Lurker

    So a higher resolution dilutes the benchmarks scores in a way?
  17. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Android Expert

    Yep. Plus, the Exynos is .2GHz higher. Imagine how the OMAP4 will preform when it's overclocked.

    I didn't bother to post the Quadrant benchmarks, cause Quadrant sucks. It doesn't test all of the cores, so that's useless.

    CF-Bench is the best.
  18. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    I mean look at benchmark scores of the iPhone 4 vs. the iPhone 3GS. You would think the 3GS was the better phone. That screen res plays a part in some benchmarks.

    And like it was mentioned....Quadrant is unreliable now. Maybe the Pro version that breaks down the individual parts is better. Even then....Quadrant can be manipulated. Alot of us learned last year that file and file system edits, mods, hacks can get you some inflated scores on Quadrant.

    A better judge is comparing the Bionic to another dual core phone with the same screen res like the Atrix, Photon, Droid X2, Droid 3, EVO 3D, Sensation. And probably phones with 1GB ram to make it even more even.

    Or just use a better benchmark tool than Quadrant...lol
  19. HotDawg

    HotDawg Android Enthusiast

    Agh! Can't...stop....reading - but want some surprise left!
    Not watching videos. Not.

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  20. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Android Expert

    Video from Bionic - YouTube

    Camera quality looks very good.

  21. New Rising

    New Rising Android Enthusiast

    So is the 1 ghz dualcore omap processor on the Bionic better than the 1.2 tegra dualcore?
  22. Trooper

    Trooper Android Expert

    Can you guys find out about sound and speakerphone quality? Also, does bluetooth work well?

  23. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Android Expert

    I'd say yes. But maybe I'm just saying that because I don't like the Tegra 2 outside of tablets.

    OMAP is the king.

    It's a shame that the Bionic didn't get the 4460 or 4470. Would have blown away every other phone on the market if it had it.
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  24. tom108

    tom108 Android Expert

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