Handwriting Recognition Problem

When using the S Pen for handwriting recognition, consistently, I'm ending up with all the letters I've written detected but no spaces between words. It's inconvenient to have to hit the little "space" icon every time you write a word. I've seen lots of glowing reviews about the accuracy of the handwriting recognition. I must be doing something wrong. What's the secret to having it correctly detect spaces between words?



Often Off Piste

Try setting this, it makes it identify whole words rather than letters and is much better. Should leave a space when you do.

Settings-languageinput-Samsung keyboard cog-handwriting-recognition type-complete recognition(rather than stroke)



Android Expert
Also with stroke recognition, when the grid is clear, it will not auto add a space if you write a new word. You need to insert a '-' to get a space in (that's if you don't like to hit the space button), but make sure the stroke fades out before actually typing a word otherwise it will register the '-' as a symbol/special character.

Also if writing multiple words on the grid, you need to give it proper spacing between the words for it to properly recognize.