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Hangman Glassware launched on Google Glass!!

Discussion in 'Google Glass' started by TenPearls, Sep 22, 2014.

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    The 10Pearls team continues to experiment and innovate with latest technologies. 10Pearls is now proud to announce that the Hangman Glassware (application developed on Google Glass by the 10Pearls team) has been officially launched by Google. Hangman is now the 88th glassware to be approved and is in the list of the first 100 Glassware to be officially launched by Google!

    Hangman is the ultimate word guessing game developed for Glass. This exciting and addictive game on Glass allows players to guess the letters and words in the category of animals by saying them out aloud. Players can now enjoy the classic hangman experience with paper pencil style depictions of the drawing. So are you prepared to activate those brain tissues and decipher the words as you go?

    If you have a Google Glass device, do download Hangman and provide your feedback, so we can continue to improve! Get it here: https://glass.google.com/glassware/6165592466763535241

    The 10Pearls Google Glass Team

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