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Tips Hangouts alternative?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by the block, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. the block

    the block Active Member
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    Nov 16, 2009
    As I'm sure it has been with others, Google Hangouts is absolutely worthless to me. Why they did away with the completely functional Talk app, and replaced it with this hodgepodge is beyond me. I can't see who is online, everytime I want to chat with someone I have to invite them to a hangout, and it doesn't seem to work with people who aren't using google accounts, or at least they never respond to the invites, and I don't blame them. That is an idiotic method of initiating a chat with someone. I need an instant messaging app, not a social media app, not google+ being shoved down my throat, and no combination of the two. Just a good old fashioned IM app.

    What I need:

    • Ability to chat with Google/AIM networks
    • Push capabilities. I want to get messages as they come in and I don't want my phone constantly checking for new messages burning through the battery.
    • The ability to see who is online (a novel concept)
    • Basically, Google Talk. I'm rooted, so if there's a way of getting it put back on the phone and have it work, I'm all ears. Something has to give as I can't be tethered to my desk at work in order to communicate via IM.
    Can anyone suggest a solution for me? I really need to make a change, and am happy to get all the input I can. Thanks


  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2009
    Phila, PA
    You should be able to get Google Talk back. On my tablet I simply went to Apps, scrolled down to Hangouts, clicked on it, then chose "uninstall updates". This reverted it back to talk. Presumably, the same should work for you. If not, you'll just need the APK for Talk. I've attached the Talk.apk file from my phone. My version is 4.2.2-573038 and I am running the stock 4.2.2 build on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I don't know if its compatible with the GSM version but I would think it should be.

    For all the reasons you mentioned I have refused to "update" Talk to hangouts. I just keep ignoring the reminders. Until they implement the option to manage the visible contacts list, and prioritize and better identify* contacts who are currently ONLINE.... I will continue to stick with Talk. I am not interested in scrolling through my entire contact list to see if someone is online. I get that Hangouts attempts to integrate chat and SMS into one app, but that's not how I communicate. Sometimes I only want to message someone who is online because I know they are sitting there and can respond immediately. Also, I chat differently than I text. I don't hold conversations via SMS like I do via Talk.

    * Yes, I know that people who are "online" have their pictures in color while those offline are faded....but honestly, the difference can be pretty subtle and it still doesn't tell me right from the start who is online...I have to search my list.

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