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Happy 3rd Birthday OnePlus 6T and the future for OP6 & 6T

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ironass, Nov 6, 2021.

  1. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
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    The Good News

    Happy 3rd Birthday to the OnePlus 6T!


    Yes, it is 3 years since OnePlus launched the 6T on the 6th November 2018.

    Originally, the launch date was to be on the 1st November but was delayed so as not to clash with the launch of the Apple iPhone that year.

    The 6T and it's earlier companion phone, the OnePlus 6 that was released 17th May 2018, were two of the most talked about phones that year.

    Released on Android 9, (Pie), it was upgraded to Android 10 and now, finally, Android 11.

    It's earlier companion, the OnePlus 6, was released on Android 8.1, (Oreo), and also enjoyed the 6T's subsequent platform updates.

    Well done OnePlus and Happy 3rd Birthday to the OnePlus 6T.

    Scroll down for... The Bad News

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  2. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    The Bad News

    The OnePlus 6 & 6T have now reached their scheduled End of Life.


    Now that the Oneplus 6 is 42 months, (3.5 years), old and the OnePlus 6T is 36 months, (3 years), old they have reached their, linked, scheduled EoL, (End of Life), and will no longer receive Regular Software Maintenance or Software Security Maintenance, (Android Security patches), see...


    We, "may", see a final release in the coming weeks that could update the current Android Security patch and may offer some minor bugfixes but then that will be it for support from OnePlus for the OnePlus 6 & 6T devices.

    There will NOT be an Android 12 update for these devices.

    If you wish to extend the life of your OnePlus 6 or 6T and receive regular updates and Android Security patches, you will need to install a custom ROM such as Lineage or any of the other custom ROM's out there.
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