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Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Discussion in 'Metro PCS' started by LgOptimusM, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. LgOptimusM

    LgOptimusM Guest
    Thread Starter


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  2. pcgamer

    pcgamer Android Enthusiast

    Merry Christmas eve...?
  3. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    happy day off work to everyone.
  4. n4zty

    n4zty Android Expert

    most lol
  5. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Extreme Android User

    Bah Humbug
  6. averagewonder

    averagewonder Android Enthusiast

    I don't get the day off and worked yesterday too.
  7. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    that sucks
  8. averagewonder

    averagewonder Android Enthusiast

    Yeah well that's what happens when you work for a hospital
  9. THE W

    THE W Android Expert

    illness and injury dont take days off.

    same with police, firefighters, and people who work at gas stations.

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