Oct 30, 2009
Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? For example, if I want to go back a page in Market, I may have to push the back button 2 or 3 times before it responds. It doesn't always do this, and it seems to be worse in some apps than others. I think it may be related to the software lag experienced when pulling down the notification screen, for example.

I haven't heard anyone else complain about this and I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one with this problem. I'm hoping the Dec. 11th update improves this issue, but I may take my Droid back if no one else is experiencing this. Thanks.
yes i have noticed this from time to time.

I think the strike zone is rather small for these buttons. If I concentrate I get 100% accuracy, in normal use I miss about 5% of the time. It would be nice if they increased the strike zone via an update.

I also don't know whether a tap is better than a push or visa versa :eek:
Occasionally one of the keys won't respond on first tap, but it has appeared to be related to a busy system, not a hardware issue...
I have noticed it also. It feel it vibrate and then it does nothing and so I press it again and I end up going back twice. I hope it will be worked out in the future update because its annoying.
yes, my back button is hit or miss. i think it is b/c there is a millimeter of open air space under it - between the screen and slide out keyboard. like a cushion.
I notice it the most when the phone is in landscape mode, and slid open when I'm using the keyboard.

When The phone is in that mode, i notice quite often that the buttons don't respond. It's like the phone is locked or busy doing something, and then eventually free's up and responds.

I also notice that the touch screen stops responding sometimes too. I'll go to scroll the browser, and the screen is totally unresponsive. after about 20 seconds or so, it comes back and acts normally.

you know guys, the chances of you getting an actual defective droid are extremely low. when something on the device doesn't work exactly correct or exactly how you want it to work 100% of the time, it's much more likely that:

A.) it's supposed to be that way, or
B.) it's not supposed to be that way, but that's just how it is due to the nature of technology.

stop wasting droids! ;)