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Haptic Feed Back Not Working Right

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Evo_Pimpin, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Evo_Pimpin

    Evo_Pimpin Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My haptic feedback isn't working right on my phone :mad: When typing I get the feedback and sometimes I don't. If I type slowly I hardly ever get any type of feedback. Also when it is working the haptic feedback is very weak. Anyone else having this issue :thinking:

  2. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    Same problem here
  3. jloyac1

    jloyac1 Newbie

    Yep, same here. It seems to be mostly characters on the top two for a of keyboard that I don't get it for, but not consistent. Really hit or miss. :mad:
  4. Jaybot

    Jaybot Member

    I thought I was the only one having this issue, glad I'm not.

    Maybe an update will fix this? Or is this more of a hardware issue?
  5. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Android Expert

    software. easily a software fix.
    not having this issue on mine thankfully. is there some way to turn the haptic feedback off even on the keyboard???

    edit: nvm. found my answer. love google ha
  6. reallynotnick

    reallynotnick Android Enthusiast

    I turned it off as soon as I got the phone, didn't like it and just an extra drain on battery. I wouldn't have been surprised if it wasn't acting 100% correctly on my phone but being an iPhone user I just preferred it off, can't believe how many menus it is buried in!
  7. Evo_Pimpin

    Evo_Pimpin Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well it can't be software if it's working on your phone. Seems like the motor that spins inside the phone to make it vibrate is bad on mine. It seems so random when it works and when it doesn't :thinking:
  8. OmegaSMP

    OmegaSMP Newbie

    Mine does the same thing. The haptic feedback works about 80% of the time, with varying degrees of strength, and then about 1/5 of the time nothing happens at all.
  9. unwallflower

    unwallflower Well-Known Member

    Same problem here. It is MUCH weaker than the feedback on the Hero.
  10. this happened to me once while searching for an app in the market, hasnt happened again

    i also have some issues with feedback when typing with 2 hands really fast, but thats unrelated.
  11. Tamara24

    Tamara24 Newbie

    my feedback is pretty consistant I did notice it was weaker than on my brothers Hero but I kinda like it that way....

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