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Hard brick on Transformer TF300T ??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Transformist1, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Dear transformers,

    My Transformer TF300T is a brick !! :(

    I've got TF300T, with stock JB 4.1.1.

    I'm not sure if it permanent, please help !!

    I've unlocked my device via the official Asus unlock device tool.

    It went well.

    After few days, I've downloaded few programs from the "Google Play".

    One of the programs, allowed to automatically enter recovery after reboot.

    I opened the program (of course I don't remember it name), click on "enter recovery after reboot", and then the problem started !

    Please see attached screenshot.

    The device is stuck on the Asus logo, without any progress.

    When I'm trying to enter the recovery menu, with "Power + Volume Down", the device turning of for 3 seconds, and getting back to the exact same position.

    I cannot choose "RCK", no Android, no USB option, nothing !! :(

    What you see in the screenshot, is the permanent condition...

    When the Transformer worked, my computer recognize it, but now when it stuck on the Asus logo, it seems that the computer even doesn't see the device !! (although the driver is installed...)

    How bad is it ??

    It is a hard brick ??

    Can I do anything without RMA it to Asus ??

    I'm pretty sure that Asus won't support the device, because I've unlocked it :(

    Please help !!

    The only I've got for now is APX mode...

    Thanks a lot !


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