Aug 23, 2011
anyone can recommend a good hard case for the sensation 4g? i read some review and people said the front and back piece popped open with a light squeeze. that doesn't sound very good if the phone actually dropped on the floor or whatnot. i don't like rubber or silicone ones tho.

does the hard case have a sharp edge? i get this impression the edges are sharp by the way they look online.

off topic, but is there anyway to get custom painting on the battery cover? i want to paint the oem battery cover white, but of course not doing it myself. would be nice if htc offered a white sensation 4g (or at least an oem replacement battery cover in white).
Best hard cover I found was getting the no name from the mall kiosk. You need a dime to pop the cover off. Its survived 12' falls.
I had the Casemate "Barely There" for a while and it seemed to provide some protection without adding too much bulk. But I really wanted something that would provide better protection in the event of a fall. So I've had the Seidio Surface case for about a month and absolutely love it. It adds minimum bulk and while I haven't dropped it I feel fairly sure that it would survive.