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Hard reset and paid apps question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bigmac871, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. bigmac871

    bigmac871 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yesterday my phone became incredibly slow, I had not installed any apps or use live wallpapers. I had to take the battery out 4 times and did 2 soft resets and it still isn't running like it used to. Considering a hard reset but not sure if my paid apps will come back on the phone, anyone else have this issue or know if the apps will come back if I use the same google account?

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  2. mxsjw

    mxsjw Android Expert

    Make yourself an appbrain account and sync with that. Once you've hard reset, redownload appbrain to the "fresh" phone and your apps will be waiting to reinstall.

    You will not have to pay for the paid apps again as long as you use the same google account.
  3. bostoniansurvivor

    bostoniansurvivor Well-Known Member

    If the same Gmail account is used the apps will by under my apps in the market after the hard reset.
  4. FrayAdjacent

    FrayAdjacent Android Enthusiast

    This. Reset my Droid a few times, and it always downloaded all of my apps again, including paid apps.

    My DX will be to me in a couple days, so I'll get to test it once again!
  5. Greavous

    Greavous Android Enthusiast

    All you need to do is open the Market and then hit the menu button on the phone and select "download" and there will be a list of your apps.

    When I installed Apex 1.3 the other day it somehow automatically went and got them and installed them without me doing a thing!

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