Jun 1, 2022
How do I go about powerwashing a Samsung phone (galaxy a01 to be specific) while skipping the Downloading... Please do not turn off the target screen? I have tried hard resetting it the normal way (holding down all 3 buttons while its booting) but I've always been interrupted by that blue downloading screen and it takes forever (i've been waiting more than 3 hours).

I should probably include the fact that I forgot the password and can't unlock the phone
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If you can't unlock it there's no recourse.
Take it to the powerwash, literally.
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FRP is not your friend here. Even if you factory reset (powerwash) the phone it won't allow you to sign in without your credentials, so you will need to know the google ID and password to make the phone functional again.

If you don't know about factory reset protection, it's an anti-theft measure introduced in 2015. The logic behind it is to make theft less attractive: previously someone could steal a phone, reset it then use or sell it. With FRP the phone can't be used after a reset unless you enter the previous login details, making it less worthwhile for a thief to steal in the first place (if a legitimate owner wants to sell the phone they need to remove their account from it before doing a reset). This does however make it very important that you don't forget your password: by definition if there is any way for you to bypass this then a thief can use that too, which would make the whole thing pointless. Hence it is designed not to have any workarounds, and where a bug does allow a way the manufacturer tends to patch it as soon as they become aware.

Apple introduced a similar system a bit before Android, so I'm afraid it's been a long time since resetting has been a solution to a forgotten password on any phone.
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