Hard to read (for old eyes)


My wife has been using a 7


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man you can't have everything... get better reading glasses!!

OK SERIOUSLY.... do this

Go to settings

then General then Accessibiliy

then Vision

then Font size huge

there you can change the large text size. It works and she can zoom in and out of the ebay pics!!!!!! and it works on every app!!!!

see my phone screenshots :)


Screenshot_2012-12-31-15-31-10 by Ceva321, on Flickr


now the huge font


Screenshot_2012-12-31-15-16-20 by Ceva321, on Flickr

i expect my check in the mail :)
I have a similar problem, bad eyesight, so that's why I went with the Note 2.

I can't get the text in the Facebook app to a comfortable size, so I just use the mobile web version. It's pretty much the same.

With Twitter I use Tweetcaster as it has a variable font size slider.

I've set Chrome as the default browser and in the settings you can set a custom text size, which works very well for me, and you can double tap the portion of the screen you want to zoom in on.

Good luck.


For twitter, try out falcon pro. It's the best twitter app on the planet. Actually is fantastic. It has text re-sizing options too.

Shame it doesn't have push notifications, but twitter don't give that option out to anybody :( Hopefully it will change soon.

I'm talking about choosing to get notified with a certain person tweets by the way (mobile notifications).

But It does support all the regular notifications, mentions, connections etc....