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Hard VS Silicone VS TPU? What's the best?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rvarn1, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello all,
    I just purchased a TPU case from amazon along with a car mount (see below, avoiding further issues) and FM transmitter. However, I was just curious about TPU cases- are they good? do they offer good scratch, bump, and drop protection? I've dropped my Triumph 3 times on concrete this week, so I want a good case. the hard case I had on it snapped after the second good bounce from my car into the parking lot. Now, I have a beautiful set of scratches on the bottom chin and dents on the top right. Ah well. But still, what cases would you reccomend? Oh, and I know I shouldn't drop my $300 phone, but at times I can't do anything about it/ forget it's there.
    Link for TPU case: Amazon.com: WIRELESS CENTRAL Brand Flexi Gel SKin TPU Glove BLACK Soft Cover Case for MOTOROLA WX435 TRIUMPH (VIRGIN) [WCH543]: Cell Phones & Accessories
    Also, any information at all regarding the various case types is VERY welcome.


  2. irateiguana

    irateiguana Newbie

    Ive heard good things about TPU. Its flexible like silicone, but doesn't rape your pocket lint, and it's pretty good at absorbing damage.
  3. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Android Enthusiast

    I bought generic silcone cases off eBay and they are great. I had both for my old phone and prefer the tacky silicone because it gives me something to hold onto...my phone has a tendency to slip out of by hand with the hardcases or no case at all. The triumph is a thin phone too so I like the way the silicone fills it up a bit in my hand
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  4. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks, both of y'all. I heard good things about TPU as well... although, I had a silicone jelly case on my ipod touch, it was pretty good... although, I have a habit of stuffing my phone in my back pocket, so it always slipped off the ipod. I guess I'll see!
  5. RedAnt

    RedAnt Well-Known Member

    I think that is the case I bought from Best Buy, except mine does not have that hole on the backside near the bottom.

    I bought the ONLY case available at BestBuy for the Triumph and I really like it. It's has enough grip to help hold onto it. Slippery enough to slide into a pocket or belt case, and has raised edges to protect the screen.

    Besides making it slightly thicker I can't see any reason why anyone wouldn't like this case. I've used the silicone cases on my Sansa mp3 players and they've worked well for me too. Given the choice I would rather have what I have (TPU?) than the silicone like skins. I think it offers as much protection as necessary, and does so in a way that actually adds to the feel.

    Just my $0.02.
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  6. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks! If I save up enough .02$, I'll have enough to buy another TPU case... :p I didn't know that's what the one from bestbuy was like. Thanks!
  7. soonertoad

    soonertoad Newbie

    I have an extra battery and have found that the silicone case is easier to remove if you want to frequently take off the back cover.
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  9. rvarn1

    rvarn1 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yep, I had that one... but I dropped it a few times (jumping out of a 4 wheel drive F-350, once, my mother's prius once, and once while I was doing something else, and not only is it beat up looking, it's cracked and doesn't stick on there, so it doesn't do it's job. :/ It's my fault for dropping my $300 investment, but still.... I just got my TPU case from Amazon (Luxmo, i think)... I have to say.. it looks and feels like a hard case! but it's more flexible, like a hard case and a silicone case had a kid. Oh, and I got a car dock with FM transmitter for my truck, so my Triumph won't be tumbling out of my lap now, :) If anyone asks about the best case again, I'm recommending a TPU case.. easy to take off, and looks to offer hard case protection!
    PS: is that what the round thingy is on the back of the phone, towards the bottom?
  10. cover for the antenna.
  11. minus5252

    minus5252 Well-Known Member

    This is what I have: Amazon.com: amzer (That is a link to all of the colors)

    I love it, and it has allowed my phone to survive some serious drops (when I got it, I dropped it about 6 feet onto concrete with no damage).

    Only thing is, you need to use a hole punch to make a hole in the back for the noise reduction mic on the back of the phone.
  12. fudge balls, i bought the crystal hard case
  13. Ive had silicone cases on my Galaxy S and Optimus V. the problem is they come in two varieties.

    the "quality" variety which is slicker and doesnt pick up dust. the problem is it gets greasy too easily from your fingers and gets slippery. also it stretches after a few weeks and becomes useless, unless your careful with it, then it lasts much longer.

    and the "cheap" variety which is the 5$ and under cases from ebay and amazon. these pick up dust, get dry and sticky feeling, but stretch out less and last longer. they make it hard to put the phone in your pocket though.

    I dont like either of them, they arent worth the money for how long they last.

    I prefer TPU becuase I dont want to snap together a hard case over my phone.

    the plaid TPU cases from luxmo I think, that are on amazon and ebay, look VERY good, waiting for mine to arrive.

    since this phone has mostly flat edges, I took a different route and used vinyl to cover the flat areas.

    the problem with this is that it leaves the corners and edges exposed. so its not a good "case" but definately protects the facts from harm.

    I used white vinyl and covered all the flat faces of the phone, leaving the very edges black. looked like it was made in Aperture Science labs. very cool. not good enough for daily use though, so I bought a tpu case since I didnt wanna go through the horror of buying a silicone case and have it stretch and fall off again.
  14. Ron Kushnier

    Ron Kushnier Lurker

    Do any of these cases out-gas, or have an odor?

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