Hardware Detail and Firefox support @ galaxy 5510



All I can find about Galaxy 551 ( GT I5510 ) is that its got a 667Mhz processor.
I cant find out anything about what processor its got, i mean like ARM or some other .

and does it support firefox mobile?

also does it have a GPU, if yes then which one,
Please post all the details about its Motherboard and Chips etc along with any Disassembly instructions and Images.

I think we should have at least one thread at the top describing all the intricate details of this model.

Thanks for Reading and trying


it got qualcom msm7 chipset (ofcourse ARM..)
qualcom dont use direct ARM IP, but license ARM ISA only.,

and firefox app is not compatible with galaxy 551


Android Expert
I confirm, and I'll add that I've heard that it's pretty slow on most of android phones, so it would be nearly unusable on a Galaxy 551 :/
Like Flash ,firefox is optimized for ARMv7.Either way it's buggy.:).Opera is better.