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Hardware shortcut to mute mic while in call (using volume rocker sequence)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by outjet, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. outjet

    outjet Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Action sequence: Toggle volume rocker up/down/up/down
    Reaction: Phone mic mute toggles on/off

    I would EASILY use this feature 20 times daily -- I spend all day on conference calls while multi-tasking, doing dishes, etc, dogs barking

    Getting to the mute/unmute microphone feature can take a good 15 seconds if your phone locks itself, or you're in the middle of some other apps, etc.

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  2. pdlw

    pdlw Lurker

    I absolutely DETEST me-too posts, but that's just what this is. But I'll add details, so it'll be OK:

    I would pay $10 on the Market for an app that would provide a very quick way to toggle the phone mute status. Ideally it would be great to have an app whose only function would be to toggle from on to off or off to on, depending on the current status. That app could either have its own notification icon (bonus points for it only showing up during a call), or it could be added to the notification area by the user using Folder Organizer. Or it could be set to open with a search-button long-press (either by the app itself or using Button Shortcut).

    I've subscribed to this thread, so if someone writes such an app and puts it up on the market, just reply here and I'll go buy it ASAP.

  3. uaeHamed

    uaeHamed Newbie

    Hi guys. Im sorry maybe I didnt understand very well. But isnt there a toggle mic button during the call? Then whats the problem here?
  4. pdlw

    pdlw Lurker

    That works as long as you keep the screen on and the phone app active... otherwise it's several taps and ten seconds or so to mute the call... all the while my boss is asking whose baby is crying. Same problem when it's time to unmute... people ask where I am four or five times before I'm able to answer.

    Hence the need for a hardware or at least app-independent solution.

    And because I'm offering money for it. ;-)
  5. uaeHamed

    uaeHamed Newbie

    But the phone always will auto-lock and you will always be a few clicks away form doing anything. But I suppose the only time it will be useful is when you are active on another app and you dont want to switch to phone to mute the mic, correct?
  6. outjet

    outjet Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No - this will be useful ALL THE TIME, and all day long. Me and several of my coworkers spend all day on conference calls, and this would be used over and over again.

    On my previous Blackberry, there was a physical button on top of the phone, which I toggled probably 50 times a day.
  7. llchintsll

    llchintsll Lurker

    Completely agree, there needs to be a hardware mute button.
    Muting is a huge task, especially if you are coming from a business phone like BB, I used to have C7 with dedicated mute button and a red light notification! Miss that so much :(

    Please could someone develop this app ? Flip Down or Volume Rocker for Mute?

    I can pay decent enough to get this app.
  8. mr6

    mr6 Lurker

    Hi, I'm a developer and I think this would be a useful feature. I've got a few ideas on how to implement this. I'll look into it and get back to you.
  9. ercu

    ercu Lurker

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  10. outjet

    outjet Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi there Ercu - I was the original poster in this thread, and I appreciate you taking a look at developing a solution. I'd be glad to support you in return with a purchase of your app, but the current method would have fairly limited use for me.

    I believe the mobile businessperson would be your target customer if your app were designed a little differently. The current release requires the user to be in a stationary position such as sitting at a desk, where the phone can stay face down. Sitting at a desk/office is the one place I have the least use for the mute feature however.

    I do need the mute button often while taking conference calls on the road, walking through an airport, or walking around the house doing dishes while listening to people talk, etc. In these situations it would be very difficult to keep the phone oriented in a face-down position.

    I was thinking a hardware solution (using button remapping, or waiting to see a button sequence) would have been most ideal, but I'm not sure of the programming capabilities when coding for non-rooted phones.

    Possibly a service that waited for a gesture (such as flipping it face-up/face-down could pop up a dialog that toggled the mute status, or popped up a huge "Mute?" on/off button)

    Again, thanks for getting started on this. I would be happy to be one of your first customers, and would definitely share a link to your app with some of my colleagues who are on Android devices that I know have a similar need.
  11. outjet

    outjet Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I found this app in the Market today - sounded promising, but upon testing it did not work as claimed.

    Mute Mic - Android Market

    If this solution is possible, it would be great (if it had a feature such as an in-ear single-beep/double-beep to let you know when you've set the mute to the on or off position)
  12. ercu

    ercu Lurker

    Hi outjet, I just updated the app as you wanted (toggle on/off image after flipping down and up). Please check the new version of micmuter. Be aware, muting may not work on some phones. I could not put latest screen shots yet.
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  13. outjet

    outjet Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Amazing!! You are the man, sir!

    Worked well on my HTC Thunderbolt - there's a slight bit of finesse to get the flip right, but the app does seem somewhat forgiving with the flip.

    I also like that:
    • I can be in a different app and the flip will bring the mic mute button to the forefront again
    • It vibrates a little to let you know you got the flip right
    • It prompts you with the current mute status instead of automatically toggling it (helpful in case it somehow gets an accidental trigger)

    I'll play some more but for now I am a happy customer!

    (you should put a picture of that huge mute button in the market screenshots)
  14. outjet

    outjet Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Played with it some more -- I am REALLY liking this.

    I was worried that my cheek would trigger that huge button but in some casual testing I didn't get any misfires until I made a conscious effort to try to trigger it.

    Just in case it ever happens (which I would have to think it will), would it be possible to have the app trigger a little beep in your ear when the status changes? (single beep when muted, double when unmuted, or maybe just another haptic vibe?)

    Let me know.. I just posted a link to your app on my Facebook wall, hope we can find you some more takers!
  15. ercu

    ercu Lurker

    outjet, thank you for your requests! I plan to add a settings window to change notification properties on the next version (in a couple of days). Sounds can be played when status changes as you said.

    i will continue improving the app even i have only one customer (you).
  16. outjet

    outjet Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hehe gotta start somewhere! I saw some other forums where people asked for a similar thing - maybe you could post your link there too..

    Are you able to read the phone state and only pop up your dialog if there's a call in progress? (I haven't tested to see if the microphone gets unmuted after the call ends)

    One other thing, which is probably the most minor, but there's a native "microphone muted" icon that pops up in the notification bar when using the phone app - not sure if you are able to trigger that as well. It's not that important since the button is so nice and big and obvious, but maybe sometime down the road it would be cool.

    Thanks again for all your work
  17. ercu

    ercu Lurker

    Outjet, sorry for the late message.

    However, I updated the application to work only during calls. Please download and test it: )

  18. raylinkz

    raylinkz Lurker

    Does this function work with a bluetooth mic? Mine doesn't have a mute function and I need it several times a day. I have a LG Optimus phone.
  19. oraclexml

    oraclexml Lurker

    I have the same issue. I am a business person and on the call all the time. It would be very handy to mute / unmute the phone with a push of a button and during mute, the LED blinking with a notification. This is very helpful as I am driving and I can see I am on mute based on the LED light notification. Also when I am on a long conference call, it makes sense to go on MUTE and when my boss asks me to say something, it takes me a while to get unmute the smartphone and by the time, someone will always, he is on MUTE. This is embarrasing. We need a button that Blackberry used to have. That was so useful.

    I am willing to pay a developer if they can develop an app that can map the power key to play mute/unmute and control the LED LIGHT.

  20. Ginny Barnett

    Ginny Barnett Lurker

    With COVID-19 affecting so many people, this function is needed now more than ever. Ercu, is your app still available? If so, how and how much do I pay you for it?

    P.S. It turns out that I didn't need to ask for this at all. My brother showed me that the phone app has a mute button that only shows up when I'm on a call.
    #20 Ginny Barnett, Apr 16, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2020
  21. Ali Alp

    Ali Alp Lurker

    I have developed one :)

    Get it from Google Play

    During any audio/video call, by pressing your phone's volume up or Volume down key (depending on your preference), you can mute or un-mute your phone's microphone with ease.
    Begin your audio or video call as usual. While listening you can press the volume +/- to mute your microphone. Meanwhile you can go to any other apps or browse the internet or even lock your phone and put it in your pocket. When it is time for you to talk, just press the volume +/- again and instantly your microphone will be un-muted and you can speak.
  22. olbriar


    I invite you to make a formal announcement of your app HERE. It's the only area we allow app and game announcements. We will create a channel just for your app that you can share updates and members can discuss your app. Thanks.
  23. Ali Alp

    Ali Alp Lurker

    Thanks, I did announced there, i posted here because after reading this post i got motivated to write the app :)
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  24. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member

    @Ali Alp that's a steep price at $9.99... I know you worked hard on the app and want to be paid for that hard work; but I would respectfully suggest that pricing the app at 3.99 would attract far more buyers and probably result in more revenue

  25. Ali Alp

    Ali Alp Lurker

    I have decided to take your advice :) the price has been set to 3.99$
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