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Has anybody had luck with Amzer Silicone jelly case?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by loser_kid, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. loser_kid

    loser_kid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I was thinking about ordering one off of fommy's but I can't seem to find a review for it anywhere. I know there are other cases out there that might be better but I really want a jelly/silicone based case. Anybody have a good or bad review about this case? or any other suggestions?! Thanks ahead of time! :D

    (Here's a link for what i'm talking about)

  2. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    i've heard terrible stuff about ALL azmer products.....just fyi
  3. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    i just looked and couldnt find any reviews on it either, is that a bad sign? anyone use this case??

    i would love to use my phone 'naked' but im really paranoid about damaging stuff, should this be a worry? i saw that invisibleSHIELD stuff that goes around the whole phone, but im not really familiar with that kind of thing. is it any good and will it give me protection?

  4. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    for what its worth, I've been using a seidio innocase and its AMAZING! I've dropped the phone a few times from about 2-3 feet heights and it seems the case does its job of sustaining damage. Its also really slim, has a great soft feel and touch to it. its like my baby now. I use the case with boxwave clear touch anti glare screen protection which I am very satisified and as well as others. you can just search for those two words: seidio and boxwave and you'll find tons of threads (including my reviews) on both products. plus seidio customer case is AWESOME! i've read about ppl breaking their own cases (unintentionally of course) only to have seidio replace them. anyways thats my two cents, i know its far off from the OP's topic of azmer so please forgive and forget :D
  5. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    are you referring to the seidio innocase surface (the one with a bunch of colors for options)? does this case add noticable bulk?

    also - the boxwave i heard is great, but i got a few people saying they are not good.. whats my best options for protection after reading this? .. im assuming to not keep it naked huh ;\

    i want to use my phone naked or try one of those invisibleSHIELDS or phantonskinz full body protection but i dont know if you have to wet your phone or anything.. im too paranoid to mess up anything especially if i leave it naked too.
  6. monsterpt

    monsterpt Newbie

    I never have liked the thicker jelly covers. I have been using invisible shield on all my phones since it came out and have never had a problem. Have put the full coverage on all 6 of my families phones. It still fits in the docks with the shield on. It does not protect from impact though. As far as wetting the device, you actually wet the shield and your fingers. As I said, I never had a problem.

    For overkill, I put my droid in an otterbox when I am out on the trails, boat etc.
  7. superdesi

    superdesi Android Enthusiast

    It adds BARELY any extra bulk. Keeps the phone slim and the new colors are really nice, though I got the original black. as for boxwave, a few people will always have bad experiences so I tend to go with the majority before buying it. Also, as I've read on other threads, you can easily remove the back part of the seidio innocase and use it with the car dock, which is an awesome tip considering now I dont have to look for a custom car dock that can fit cases!!
  8. loser_kid

    loser_kid Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I would love to use my phone "naked" also! lol. But I heard that invisibleShield takes alot of patience to get on and the feel of the phone is kind of like how and orange has that "Peel." Also, there is this solution you have to squeegie out when applying the invisbleSHield. I mean the phone is a pretty decent sized purchase especially something I'll have for a year and half and I don't wanna ding it up and stuff without taking away from the prettiness of the phone and making it bulky that the body glove from verizon does.
  9. Droid_Junky

    Droid_Junky Android Enthusiast

    I bought the Invisible Shield. 20 dollars down the drain. It has to be perfect when installed. After about the fourth attempt I think I stretched it just a bit. I tried several more times and finally left it on. Went to work the next day and one of the edges was loose. Ripped it off that day.

    Their website makes it seem like you can get a replacement real easy. What you actually have to do is send them the damaged one and they hold the full amount of a new one. They then determine if it falls into warranty and if it doesn't they charge you full price for the new one.

    The screen is tough as is. Two months and still no scratches.

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