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Has anybody tried this GPS combo?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Hajile_Ibushi, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Hajile_Ibushi

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    I have a Nokia 5800XM. I've downloaded ExtGPS and used it to connect to my netbook using an applicate called "Earth Bridge" to connect it to my application. It worked... well... google earth says i'm 30 feet off the ground but i suppose that's close enough.

    So it's established that ExtGPS works.

    For the PC combo it's:
    Nokia 5800 -> ExtGPS -> Netbook -> Earth Bridge -> Google Earth

    In video at the bottom (There seems to be a bug in the board when embedding video):
    Instead of Earth Bridge, he 's using GPS Mouse, but otherwise, the procedure seems to be the same. He also mention at 9:32 that he had also tried it with his 5800.

    From what i could tell, the android combo is:

    Nokia 5800 -> ExtGPS -> Android Slate -> GPS Mouse -> Google Earth

    Has anybody tried it on their slates? If it works, it should settle some of the debate regarding the purchase of Wifi only devices.

    Using bluetooth you can now use your existing phone both for getting GPS functionality and for streaming data off the internet.

    If anybody can confirm this with their slates, that would be great!:)


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