has anyone had to ship their s3 to samsung for repair?


as mentioned in another thread, i stupidly dropped my phone and shattered the screen. the touch features still worked but being OCD i cannot use a shattered phone screen.

my only option was to send it to samsung for repair. shipped it out 8/8. they received it 8/11. predicted a completion date on 8/18. well now its 8/20 and no update. called samsung tech support and all they told me was to call back again tomorrow.

maybe i am being impatient but i talked to a similar forum member (also from nj) who had his phone back in 5 days. this is day 12.

i know i can't do anything about it, so i am just asking if anyone else has had experiences with samsung repair on an s3 or other similar mobile devices. using an old blackberry 8100 is painful, sadly.