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Has anyone purchased a movie from Blockbuster?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HauntedHallows, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. HauntedHallows

    HauntedHallows Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am wondering how the compression quality of their movie catalog is. Some of the movies are actually pretty cheap to own on your phone 9.99 etc.

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  2. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Even at $9.99, you'd be better off purchasing them in a retail format, considering you'll only be able to watch said film via YOUR handset, without any type of ability to stream them to a larger screen.

    I seriously would love to know what Motorola was smoking when they allowed Blockbuster to throw their bloatware onto the X. I seriously hope we see some Netflix action soon!
  3. HauntedHallows

    HauntedHallows Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well my job has me traveling and waiting a long time for a lot of people. So i was thinking about buying a movie or 2 to watch over and over to kill time. But if they are horrible you tube quality its not worth it, and i am not expecting blu-ray here just dvd quality.
  4. dxflip

    dxflip Newbie

    I just wish they have a Netflix App on Android already and be able to use the HDMI out..... :(
  5. MacII

    MacII Member

    I haven't even looked at the Blockbuster App yet. If movies are indeed $9.99, it's no wonder they're business is circling the drain. I'd make a trip to your local Blockbuster "Going Out of Business" sale and buy dvds for less than $9.99 if I were you.
  6. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Pshhh, most films are at least $3 to rent. Booting up the app a few seconds ago, and looking through some of the new releases, Blockbuster is undoubtedly crazy if they expect anyone to spend $22 on a digital and device locked title for $21.99!

    I'm not kidding folks, New Releases are $22...:eek:
  7. newell2511

    newell2511 Newbie

    The blockbuster app reviews in the market say everything. Every other review requests netflix. I put my two cents in up there too.
  8. MacII

    MacII Member

    Wow $22 is just insane. I don't think I've even ever paid that for a dvd that wasn't some sort of collectors edition or special series.

    I'd personally love to see something along the lines of Redbox. $1/day Rentals would make me very happy.
  9. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    Well, I tried it out only because they had a promo for $5 credit and a rental was $3.99. I rented Hot Tub Time Machine and watched it on my transit ride. Not too bad, actually. Now, would I buy/rent movies on my own dime? Only if I was on biz travel and was bored!!!
  10. krichek

    krichek Android Enthusiast

    I had used the credit to rent one as well. Personally I thought the quality was pretty lacking and it took forever to download even tho I was connected via N speed to my router and have a 30Mbps connection.
  11. bennec

    bennec Member

    I agree, it is expensive. I did purchase one this past weekend and never watched it all because the volume was just too low to hear it without holding the speaker to my ear. Then I couldn't see the movie of course. :D Yesterday I went to show a guy here at work who has the Original Moto Droid the movie to show him the sound difference between the 2 phones, and it had expired and I couldn't view it.

    Too expensive and if you download one, you better watch it quick.
  12. 10splaya22

    10splaya22 Android Enthusiast

    I think you have 30 days to watch the movie but once you start it, you have to finish it within 24 hours. There are just so many stupid things blockbuster did with this app to make it worthwhile.
  13. beerhound

    beerhound Member

    Well, I'm already a Netflix subscriber so add my vote to the "give us Netflix" category.

    I guess we can sum this thread up like this:

    Dear Motorola,

    Blockbuster sucks. Quit putting this crap on our phones and giving us no way to uninstall.

    Sincerely, Droid X users.
  14. Theibault

    Theibault Well-Known Member

    I don't like this app at all strictly based on pricing. I know they followed the On Demand price structure/usage period, but that's so archaic. I just rip my own DVDs and load on my phone to watch at my leisure.
  15. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Wait, what credit are you guys talking about?
  16. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    They had a promo that I think expired on 7/31 if you signed up for the service (which is free to just sig up) you get $5 Blockbuster Bucks added to the account. You can then use that to rent a movie, which as was stated above was good for 30 days on your phone after you DL it, but only 24 hours after you hit play! For free, great. To have to pony up cash, no thx!
  17. JubbaTheHutt

    JubbaTheHutt Android Expert

    Ah, I see. Yeah, last night was the first time I even signed into the service. It will be the first thing to go once I root.
  18. 1up5dn

    1up5dn Well-Known Member

    I'm surprise by how negative everyone is towards this app. I have never been with Netflix, I hate the idea of having to pay monthly membership fees and getting movies in snail mail. I have a blockbuster app on my blu ray player and once I got the X, I decided to try it out. It worked flawlessly, just as if the disc was in the player (meaning I could pause, rewind or come back and watch it later). Best part of all, I don't have to pay another dime unless I want to rent another movie. With the app on the X, I can order it ahead of time at work and then go home and watch it (big hi-def tv over HDMI). I don't see it as just an app to watch movies on a phone.

    The way I see it, competition is a good thing. I like to have the alternative options. Maybe Blockbuster just needs more constructive feedback.

    Edit; I should add that my blu ray player has a Netflix app, but I haven't tried it because I am sure they will want me to sign up for monthly fees.
  19. krichek

    krichek Android Enthusiast

    Couple things, First with netflix you get more than just movies "by snail mail" they have a large bordering on huge selection of play instantly selections available. You rent 4 movies in a month from this thing and you just paid for your netflix subscription but with netflix you could have watched as much as you can take.

    Second, the Blockbuster app won't output over HDMI... As for netflix they have plenty of free trials available.. give it a shot and see what folks are talking about.
  20. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    Netflix's online library is about to get even bigger with the deals they struck with the media companies. Plus, they have their partnership with Starz so you get their movies and show instantly. I found out about this recently, I don't have Starz but got addicted to Spartacus. The day the new episode came out I was able to add it to my queue. For $9 a month ($11 for Blu Ray) you really cannot beat that.

    I've used Blockbuster's On Demand and DirecTv's but my biggest issue is with being able to watch the movie again after the 24 hour period. With different schedules in the house it's hard for everyone to watch the movie within a day of it first being started.
  21. newell2511

    newell2511 Newbie

    I have to plus one on this. Not to mention if you have ps3 360 or wii you can stream straight to your tv win them. Not that this has anything to do with the droid x... but instead the value you get from the nine dollars a month. For that price you can only watch two movies on the blockbuster app.

    The sad thing is that blockbuster's inability to conform to todays market and their overall incompetence to please customers is going to cost a lot of people their jobs when they go under.
  22. Piiman

    Piiman Android Expert

    They were thinking they get a 38% cut.
  23. Piiman

    Piiman Android Expert

    What? You and the family could all gather round your 4.3 " movie theater screen and bond. Isn't that worth $22.00?:D
    JubbaTheHutt likes this.
  24. Piiman

    Piiman Android Expert

    Wow those reviews are brutal.
  25. joshellis625

    joshellis625 Newbie

    This would be a dream come true! If only!

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