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Has anyone received a grey TF201?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brandonhutch, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. brandonhutch

    brandonhutch Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It looks like, by most accounts, that those who have received their Prime ordered the Champagne color.

    Is ASUS possibly not sending out the Grey just yet? Maybe the Champagne was scheduled to be sent out from factory first and they found the "issue" before all manufactured units were sent out? I'm just curious how some people have already received theirs while a lot of others are still looking at a late January delivery date - even when ordered from the same distributor.

    Perhaps they are trying to tweak a back cover ( if that is indeed the issue ) to be used with the existing Prime stock???


    I'm wondering if I should cancel my Adorama PO until we get word that the "issue" has been resolved. I'd hate to have mine delivered only to find out that it indeed has some sort of signal issue that I can't live with.

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  2. TheKricket

    TheKricket Newbie

    Most of the preorders that have been received have been for gray 32GB units. Are you talking about the 64GB units? Those are just starting to trickle out of retailers...
  3. brandonhutch

    brandonhutch Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Actually, I was just referring to any of the TF POs but I specifically ordered a 32GB grey one. I realize that Adorama isn't the biggest of retailers, so it doesn't surprise me that some who POd from Amazon, BB, etc. have already got theirs while I'm still waiting.

    I guess I was just wondering out loud. A call to Adorama does nothing but run me in circles - they have no clue.

    I'm thinking of just canceling altogether in order to nip any disappointment in the bud. I've already missed out on the first "wave" of TFs to hit the street so the new shiny wow factor is gone ( that was a small, small, miniscule portion of why I POd ). I've been checking religiously to see if ASUS has released any pr on the issue. At this point, a problem with the GPS would be a deal breaker for me ( again, *IF* that's what the real problem is ). As someone else mentioned before, I'd like to have all the features work properly on my $500 toy.

    I think I'd rather wait for it to be right than get one early and be disappointed in the lack of functionality on all fronts.

    ... but I still can't pull the trigger on canceling it. Damn you ASUS!
  4. golfernut78

    golfernut78 Well-Known Member

    i have a grey 32gb and grey keyboard dock. shipped from best buy on teh 19th (label created) and delivered on the 27th (both items)
  5. theandies

    theandies Android Enthusiast

    32g grey here. Ordered from Staples on-line Dec. 22nd received it Dec. 27th.
  6. edster

    edster Newbie

    Grey 32GB here, ordered from Staples 12/22 and received 12/27 also. I have a 64 GB on pre-order from Amazon, doesn't look like it will ship until late Jan.
  7. Zebulon

    Zebulon Android Enthusiast

    Just got my grey Prime as well.
  8. Arun01

    Arun01 Member

    32gb grey prime.pre-ordered from Gamestop. Still looking for the dang keyboard dock! :cool::cool:
  9. rsmin

    rsmin Well-Known Member

    Just got my Gray 32GB today. Ordered last Saturday from Best Buy. Gave up on the Champagne I had pre-ordered at Amazon. Looks like Amazon now has a fresh stock of the Champagnes. Glad I got the Gray, I think it looks fantastic, but I don't believe you can go wrong with either one.

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