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Has anyone thought of VOIP + Data plan with this?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blisk, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. blisk

    blisk Guest
    Thread Starter

    I'm thinking of buying the nexus one, going unsubsidized, and getting the tmobile data plan with it which they say they offer for any smart phone for $39.99 a month. I then plan on using my gizmo and google voice accounts and make VOIP calls with the phone using SIPdroid. It seems like VOIP is allowed by tmobile's network.

    What do you guys think? I'm pretty sure this will work but was wondering what everyone else here thought.

  2. zoof

    zoof Lurker

    Looks pretty sweet -- unfortunately those of us without an existing Gizmo5 account will have to wait until they re-enable creating new accounts.
  3. blisk

    blisk Guest
    Thread Starter

    It seems coverage for 3g is sort of bad though and/or spotty, anyone here have experience with how the 3g coverage map is? It seems they're kind of over representing how good it is on the maps according to some posts online... which would kill this idea or I'd have to have a separate pre-paid line.. which wouldn't be horrible.
  4. zoof

    zoof Lurker

    I live in an area where tmob is supposed to have pretty good coverage. Unfortunately, an unlocked N1 is out of my price range or I'd give it a try. Does anyone know if an unlocked G1 requires a voice plan?

    BTW, speaking of VOIP, has anyone seen this? GV VOIP in 2010?
  5. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I think all of us wanted this since GV came out. I have used the VOIP using your combination of apps, and it does work. Unfortunately, it's still a little cumbersome to use normally.

    You have to pay somebody, so it's still best to use a normal carrier plan until there's tighter integration.

    Gizmo incoming calls are limited to 30 minutes for free. Anything beyond that and there will be a charge.
  6. rgraham1

    rgraham1 Lurker

    Can you sign up for a data plan only ($39.99)? I thought you had to also sign up for a voice plan along with the data plan??
  7. zoof

    zoof Lurker

    With an unlocked N1 you do not need a voice plan.
  8. blisk

    blisk Guest
    Thread Starter

    Yeah I definitely think so. With the Gizmo purchase it just makes sense that this is the route that they're going for.
  9. blisk

    blisk Guest
    Thread Starter

    The charge doesn't bother me.. I mean even if i use 1000 minutes.. at $.01 a minute i'm looking basically at most a $10 add on to that bill every month. I'd rather pay for what I use anyway... and I rarely go up to 1000 minutes.
  10. lekky

    lekky Lover

    Maybe Google will give a free Gizmo(whatever they turn it into) account with every purchase of an unlocked google phone unsubsidised.....
  11. rgraham1

    rgraham1 Lurker

    Zoof -

    Just to confirm: T-Mob WILL allow you to get just a data plan without getting a voice plan, yes?
  12. zoof

    zoof Lurker

    That is my understanding - tmobile data only plan
  13. blisk

    blisk Guest
    Thread Starter

    This is what a t-mobile rep told me "any phone classified as a smartphone can get the $39.99 data plan".. thats not with a new 2 year contract.. has to be unsubsidized etc. However of course they could maybe make an exception and exclude the nexus one from this... I really doubt that though.

    I wish but I doubt that.. the buy out was really recent... but maybe they've been working behind the scenes together before announcing taking over the company, it is a private company and that means they could've hid that a lot better than it being public so who knows. It seems gizmo hasn't had an update in awhile on their desktop software either.
  14. lionelhuts

    lionelhuts Newbie

    You don't need Gizmo5 at all - you can use Sipgate instead of Gizmo5. And either way (Gizmo5 or Sipgate), you definitely do NOT need to pay anything. And that is without time limits.

    Right now, I am using Sipgate and Sip Sorcery (both free) in collaboration with Google Voice. I am getting 100% free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to my landline phone through an ATA.

    I am also getting free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls on my iPhone via this method when I am in a WiFi zone (I have the Edge iPhone so I need a WiFi area).

    This thread in the Google Voice help forums details how to accomplish this:
    HOWTO: Free Calling with Google Voice - Google Voice Help
  15. rubi76

    rubi76 Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys but I find this very strange....
    If TMO would allow to get just a data plan with no voice everyone would use the Nexus One (or any other capable phone) only with Skype / Gizmo , etc. which would mean much less revenue for TMO.... (take off not only voice but also messaging, turn all customers average revenue from 60 - 70 down to 40 per month - big cut).
    That's why T-MO is investing a lot into their 3g network: new consumers want a data plan and T-Mo is able to push the average bill per consumer higher - more revenue without stealing customers from the competition.
    As far as I had known, there was no data plan without having a voice plan.

    On a side note - that's why T-Mo allows the use of VOIP on their phones and the concept of Google Voice (used with MyFav): they know the industry is moving towards VOIP/Cheaper Unlimited Plans so as far as they know they are getting money from the voice and data plan every month they are good with it.
    Interesting read:
    Nexus One is all about Google Voice | TmoToday
  16. zoof

    zoof Lurker

    Wow! Thanks for posting this link. I might have to rethink whether or not to fork out the dough for an unlocked N1 now.
  17. blisk

    blisk Guest
    Thread Starter

    I don't know... I mean we won't know until we have someone try to get an unlocked phone with a data plan to confirm it but that's what I was told from a rep. We'll find out soon enough. I'm going unsubsidized either way and figuring it out from there... Even if i can't get that I'll get the cheaper monthly plan with limited minutes and save on my monthly bill that way. Or i might just end up selling it at a slight discount if I can't get any of the other strategies to make much sense where I think its financially reasonable to get this awesome phone. I'll report back here for everyone else.

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