Root has anyone tried unrevoked3 with GB?


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when you run unrevoked 3,it immediately boots your phone into fastboot. im not sure if its still using the "rage against the cage" method of rooting the OS,then adding recovery,then flashing its forever tool, or if now is turning the radio secure flag off first thing,then flashing the recovery,then adding the SU files.

if its turning the secure flag off first,it may still work with GB. even if the 2nd part of it fails(where it adds root files),it might still work to get the phone to an s-off status.

has anyone thats s-on,GB OTAed,tried it?


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aaaah,its been awhile since ive read the wiki,should have thot to check that first :eek: so its defaintely not going to work then,thanks for the info.

yeah, it looks like they (alphaRev) will have to use the trickery they are using on the other gingerbread htc phones.
According to that root wiki, it either (depending on the phone) some how just turns the security off on the bootloader or it flashes a patched bootloader.... basically the method you described in the other thread. Hopefully they will add support for the Incredible, but the method right now is not nearly as simple as the original unrevoked method.