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Has anyone used the extended battery with the original cover?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mattstud36, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. mattstud36

    mattstud36 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I just got my extended battery today. It still fits with the original cover on it. Is it a bad idea to use the extended battery with the original cover plate? If so, why?

  2. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    When you jam the original cover on you are adding stress to the internal components which they weren't designed to take. It might not hurt anything. However, for example, with the extended battery cover, I put the Verizon holster cover back on and noticed a weird dark spot on my screen when I lightly pressed on the screen. That indicated that the internal components were flexing and pushing against the screen. While the phone worked fine, I wasn't willing to risk the potential of a small impact screwing up the phone due to that flex. I removed the case.

    Same thing with the original battery cover. It may never cause a problem but it's up to you if you want to stress the phone in ways it was never designed to be stressed.
  3. binary visions

    binary visions Android Expert

    It's not worth doing it. There are a huge number of electronics packed into a very small area in smartphones, why would you want to put a bunch of stress points on all of them?

    These things have pretty tight tolerances but there will be some variation. That means, in addition to it not being a good idea on a phone with perfect tolerances, there will be even more pressure in phones or batteries or covers that might be just slightly out of spec.

    It's just a bad idea all around. You want your phone to fit together, not be jammed together. The more pressure on internal components, the greater the likelihood that something will break - maybe when just using it, but especially if you ever bump it hard/drop it/etc.
  4. mark729

    mark729 Lurker

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  5. edhgreatone

    edhgreatone Well-Known Member

    the original cover goes on with hardly any extra effort... 1mm is soo small... i had more trouble getting on the extended battery cover than i did the original cover... there's no more stress on the phone than a tight case on the phone, no worries with the original cover IMO
  6. binary visions

    binary visions Android Expert

    In terms of tolerances, 1mm is not small at all. 1mm is huge, in fact.

    You can risk your phone if you want, I just think it's really unwise to be advising people to do so.
  7. IndyIN

    IndyIN Lurker

    I'm not debating the result, but did you try the same test with the original battery and cover? If I hold the phone firmly (the way you are) I get the same result with the original bat and cover, or even with no cover on at all.
  8. SFWB

    SFWB Android Enthusiast

    There has to be a reason they developed the different cover... That being said, I'll stick with using the new cover that came with the extended battery.
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