Has anyone used Voyager Mobile?

Has anyone here used Voyager Mobile? If so, could you state your experiences (i.e. data speeds, unexpected fees, customer service, etc.)? I am enticed by their reasonably priced plans ($39 for unlimited everything) but am reluctant as no one seems to have any sort of review on the carrier whatsoever.


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I'm curious too. I looked over their website where there is a dearth of information. I'm curious as to their definition of "unlimited"...since in this business "unlimited" never actually means "unlimited".

However, I think the biggest problem with VM is that they are using Sprint's network.


I'm about to jump to Voyager from Virgin Mobile. It looks like a pretty good deal. They now have a "bring your own phone" program which allows most sprint phones with a clean ESN to be activated on their network. They do exclude Iphones, Blackberry, and Push to Talk phones.

Good signs so far:
I called their customer service number to ask them about the details and hidden gotchas. I was surprised to not be greeted by a, dial this number and that number to get a rep, menu. There was an actual, knowledgeable voice on the other side and that voice spoke clear, calm English. I didn't feel rushed thru my questions and didn't hear a thousand voices in the background.
The gentleman I spoke to assured me Voyager does not throttle at all! Ever! Their system is not set up to even allow throttling.

So here's what it looks like it will cost me.
$258 for a used HTC EVO 4g LTE on Ebay.
$25 one time activation fee on Voyager (no fee to swap your account to a different phone).
$39 per month + misc taxes (different based on where you live, I live in Oregon)
Total per month $46
Pretty good deal for truly unlimited Talk, Text, and 3G/LTE 4G.

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i am curious as well...im trying to get away from virgin mobile as well...sounds great thou!


Ive been using Voyager Mobile for 18 months. I have waited this long until I was able to give an accurate review. I live in Tennessee, have traveled to California, Nevada and Florida, evertime I went on a trip I was preparred to be let down by my cell service, and amazingly enough it worked Great everytime. I will tell you that I changed my phone to a newer 4G LTE capable phone and service has been that much better.
To answer some of the questions ive seen on here:
Price: price is great, I dont care about taxes, my plan is $45 plus taxes, I have 2phones one for my wife...our bill withtaxes is $98.04. Autodraft, I never miss a payment. You cant beat that, comoared to a regular sprint plan..no waycan you get 2 phone plans unlimited for $100.

Calling in/Customer Service: ive only had to call in one time maybe twice..either way a young lady answered the phone and helped me out. (I was expecting some non english overseas csr)...nope nice friendly USA customer service. I Like That.
Is is a small business ... i dont know, atleast you get a USA english speaking person. All the big companies make you go through roladex of prompts before you get to speak to some Indian person.

When I am being frugal about my cell phone service provider I dont sweat the small stuff, I dont nickel abd dime every little thing. Compare Voyager Mobile to any premium cell company you will see a savings of over a $1, 000 a year if not more . when I priced out voyager to sprint, voyager mobile was $1200 for a year where as sprint was $3000 (its been 18mos since I did this) ...I do remember it was close to that.

Taxes:everything has tax, when I used to be with uscellular I remember my bill would have all kinds of taxes, so idont see why people are complaining about paying taxes, my guess they must be young and dont understand that everything has a tax whether seen or unseen, included in the price or added on, everyone is paying taxes to uncke sam, with each state having different tax amounts.

Again everything has worked for me, im glad I switched to Voyager Mobile.
I am a 2 week veteran of Voyager Mobile. I had my data suspended after 2.49gb of use. Google backed up my pictures rather than only my contacts. That put me over their limit of unlimited use. I will switch carriers tomorrow forfeiting any remaining service. Customer service has bank hours, but they are pleasant and are local as in Uniyed States so you can clearly and pleasantly understand that you have been playfully robbed of your hard earned money.