Has Factory reset worked for anyone?

Hi Gang,
I'm just wondering if anyone out there that has had major problems with the ICS on their Galaxy S2 phone has done a total factory reset and if you have, did it work and fix your problems????

I'm hesitant to do it, dont want to go through it all, but will do it if its worked for anyone.

Otherwise, does anyone have any ideas as to what else to do to make things work?
I dont get any texts now, my phone randomly shuts off, and I have to remove the battery and put it back in to restart it, I dont get some sounds, I'm lucky to get 5 hours on the batter, and thats hardly using it too and a few other minor things.
Thanks for any help.


I did the factory reset from the Recovery System screen (hold volume up and down buttons, and the power button together for ~10 secs). I selected the "wipe data/factory reset". The battery lasts A LOT more now. I use my phone heavily (lots of online radio streaming on 4G, texting, google talk, etc). I highly recommend to do it. It is interesting though that the first week, the battery was dying very quick, but after that it started lasting lots more. I recommend to empty the battery, remove it, re-place it into the phone and then do a full recharge (to recalibrate it). A cool note, once you log into your google account, the phone will download whatever you had previously sync'ed (I had contacts, apps, books, calendars). It's a very easy and painless recovery (didn't even use the data saved into Kies).
The only problem not solved is the text messaging sound/notifications that stops working every few days (I just restart the phone when this happens, and everything goes back to normal).


It has been circled around (xdadevelopers forum) that the stock ICS kernel 4.0.3 (UCLE5) still have the "eMMC" superbug hanging around. Some already experienced hard-brick their phone. Some said without any issues. YMMV.


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When I upgraded to ICS, my battery life went down the tubes. I did a hard reset and my battery life is better now than it ever has been.


I was experiencing very poor signal strength ... 1, or 2 bars if I was lucky. With my Galaxy S I got 2, or 3 bars in the same locations. Not great, but workable most of the time. I did the factory reset after transferring data to a SD card and syncing to the SIM card. Recovering my data was not very painful and I do note an improvement in the signal strength. I get 2, 3 bars more frequently and while not great it sure beats what it was. I was thinking of returning the S2 and changing carrier.