Help Has Google Play Stopped? Read THIS...


Thanks! This is a good one. Clearing that cache and data helped me when the Playstore kept telling me I already had an app on my device (that I had uninstalled long ago and now wanted back) and wouldn't let me install it. I never even thought of flight or airplane mode.


I like number 8
8. Install Other App Store Alternatives Google Play
It should be #1 :goofydroid:
I thought about the issues in the play store and came up with an alternative app store in which the user chooses what apps he/she would like to see in the suggestions and even make dream app suggestions to developers. Any thoughts would be very kindly appreciated!

Here is the concept


Compassion is cool!
Funny how chrome does not allow reviews, yet microsoft edge does.
What? *confused*

You're talking about Chrome, the browser, correct? And writing reviews about it in the Play store? Or am I misunderstanding?

Here's what I see: