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Has T-Mobile Coverage Improved Recently Compared to Verizon and AT&T?

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by consultant, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. consultant

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    I've used all the carriers over the years and 3 years ago settled on Verizon because it had the best coverage outside of cities. Seems like Tmobile in the past really concentrated on building their network in cities and marketing to mainly urban customers. When I'd get into some of the outer suburbs and even more so, rural areas while on road trips with people, the people with Verizon almost always had a signal, closely followed by AT&T and Tmobile would frequently drop out the further you got from the city.

    I have a factory unlocked S20+ that supports CDMA and GSM and all the 5G bands. I'm disappointed that Verizon has basically bamboozled it's customers into thinking they have super fast 5G everywhere, when in reality their "Ultra Wide" millimeter band 5G is only available in like 0.5% of the country, and their "Nationwide 5G" is basically rebranded 4G LTE+, but using sub 6 4G frequencies with Dynamic Signal Sharing (DSS) resulting in speeds that are not much different than 4G LTE+.

    I've read that T-mobile has invested in mid-band 5G so they have a 5G network that has a balance between coverage and speed as opposed to Verizon's current, "all or almost nothing" coverage/speed balance.
    I'm wondering from those that in the past few months that have gone between Verizon and T-Mobile (either direction) that have traveled outside the city, has T-Mobile's coverage improved due to the Sprint Merger?

    I believe Sprint is CDMA so theoretically I'm thinking T-Mobile might be the best choice considering I have an unlocked phone that support TMobile's GSM towers and Sprints CDMA towers. But has Tmobile truly integrated all the towers for these dual-network capable phones? Or is the T-Mobile service still significantly behind Verizon and AT&T as far as total coverage outside the cities?

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  2. IHateMyTreo

    IHateMyTreo Android Expert

    I have a new Pixel 4a 5G on TMo. I'm primarily in the burbs outside LA and only get LTE. Last week I was in the city and the icon switched from LTE to 5G. I ran a speed test and the 5G was no better than LTE. KIND OF DISAPPOINTED!
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