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Hate To Admit It

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shadrap, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. shadrap

    shadrap Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It's hard to say this, but I guess sometimes it is good to be an iSheep. Apple has more mojo than google obviously.

    Apple announces a release date and that's what it is. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    Honestly, I believe Google has too many irons in the fire. They need to decide what things they want to do and do those things well. It feels like google does so many things that most come out half baked. Examples Google TV, Google+ etc...

    The Nexus is either not releasing due to Verizon's wants, which Google should have enough pull to push them to do so.

    Or the Nexus is not launching due to it being half baked which is completely Google's fault.

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  2. 49er

    49er Well-Known Member

    Or Samsung's fault.....
  3. NecoD

    NecoD Well-Known Member

    I hate to admit it but I agree with you. I came from the iWorld to Android and when an iDevice was announced and a release date was given, that's when it launched. I know people are going to say there was no "official" date given, but it's hard to ignore all the proof of a 12/9 launch.
  4. Lazdog46

    Lazdog46 Newbie

    those were leaked documents we were not suppose to see.
  5. krouget

    krouget Android Enthusiast

    Apple is also a hardware company and controls most aspects of their devices. With the consumer demand behind their products, something like a release date is much easier to control, I'd imagine.

    Also, there is no problem with giving praise where due. Apple is a good company and excels at what they do. If they light a fire under the posterior of other hardware manufacturers, prompting them to match their level of quality and attention to detail, its ONLY better for us consumers.
  6. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Apple's advantage is that they are completely vertically integrated. They control hardware, software AND distribution. There are no partners to deal with, no unknowns in the hardware or the software.

    Apple doesn't have "more mojo" - what they have is a totally vertical approach and a locked down ecosystem that gives them a lot better control over the process. So, good for them and it's a good phone, a good ecosystem, etc. It is not, however, as full of features and choices. So you pick your poison - limited options but tight control, or unlimited options but we have to deal with stuff like this.
  7. ItalianScallion

    ItalianScallion Well-Known Member

    My money's on it's a VZW issue. After all, the Nexus has launched - just not here in the States yet. I have the GSM model and all is well with it. Sure, there are a few minor bugs here and there, but nothing that should hold up a launch from the OEM end. Carriers, though...that's always another story.

    Personally, I don't think Google's overreached itself when it comes to Android. The Nexus One and Nexus S were released without delay if I remember correctly, and the Galaxy Nexus has launched just fine overseas.

    Most of the times, the carriers and OEMs hit their published dates. If they didn't, they'd look like fools. The reason why the GN delay is getting so much pub is because it's the flagship device for the OS. Folks wouldn't be upset if the Motorola Cliq II was delayed.

    In the end, VZW has never published a release date (with the exception of the leaked user guide that quoted 12/9), so they can argue that there's never been a delay to begin with.

    Once it's released, all will be forgiven and forgotten. :)
  8. Jersey Tom

    Jersey Tom Android Enthusiast

    Think a point is being missed - VERIZON HAS NOT YET PUT OUT A RELEASE DATE TO THE PUBLIC.

    All this going back and forth BS, of raising and then crushing hopes, is ENTIRELY created by the Android community, jumping from one rumor or snip of leaked information to another.

    If you think that Apple products' release dates don't change internally, that's a pretty naive assumption.
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  9. Homefrrie

    Homefrrie Newbie

    Quoted for truth.

    I got caught up in all the hype last night, but didn't understand why everyone was so dead set that Friday is the day, and thats all there is to it. Just like Jersey Tom said, VZ hasn't released any dates to the public.

    Until an OFFICIAL date comes out of their mouths, and that date gets moved, then we can't blame anyone but ourselves for getting our hopes smashed into pieces.

    I truly feel like I'm reliving the Bionic launch, but just like the Nexus launch, I can only blame myself for hyping myself up for something I read on an internet blog/forum etc...
  10. bsems1000

    bsems1000 Android Enthusiast

    They also have never put out a nexus device before. Right?
    But as far as a vzw google beef, i do think there was a lot of negotiating on the device and what verizon had "control" of. But to assume that those are the issues that are causing the delay DAYS before the launch are almost impossible. I'm sure they have signed off on what is and isn't going to be involved with the phone. And the fact that leaks are just now coming out. ( the two bloat apps and nfc lack ) are driving speculation that vzw and google are pushing because of ideas on the phone
  11. spaceynyc

    spaceynyc Well-Known Member

    people are saying "oh theres never been a release date yet so why complain?" but thats the difference with Apple, we dont hear/see sh*t til the thing comes out, verizon needs to lock down their stuff so people dont get all riled up. so yeah no matter what its still Verizon's fault for all of this. This would never happen with Apple.
  12. vasilator

    vasilator Well-Known Member

    Two totally different companies. I am assuming that an apple employee would be less privy to something like this and even if they had it would be less likely to reveal it to the public.

    Remember the flack that guy got that lost his I-phone 4???
  13. That's the hilarious thing about this. VZ/Google/Samsung is being vented at by members of the public stemming from information that the public was not entitled to see. Does anyone else here see the inequities of that?
  14. zetroc

    zetroc Android Enthusiast

    Google doesn't manufacture the hardware, so why would you compare Google to Apple. Google makes the software, and the software was launched when Google said it would. Yes, it didn't launch in the US yet, but ICS is out there, people have it and Google is actively working to support it (volume bug). Apple can dictate this because they do manufacture the device and everything else. Short from getting it hooked to airwaves, Apple has control of everything, plus Apple has worked really hard to be able to call the shots the way they do, they have earned it.

    Keep in mind, I'm not an Apple fan boy. I will buy the GNex when it comes out, and refuse to get an iPhone simply because I like Android better, but I do recognize that Apple has earned what they have whether you consider their product superior or otherwise, they played the game well.

    In sum, I feel we're comparing Apples to Oranges... no pun.
  15. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    This is hilarious. What, precisely, would you like Verizon to do about employees leaking information?

    Video tape them at all times? Monitor their phone calls? Read all of their emails? Maybe we just don't tell any employee anything and have the whole process handled by robots.

    THEY ARE LEAKS. They are employees disobeying policy and reporting information to the public that was not supposed to go there. It is not Verizon's fault.
  16. rubiconjp

    rubiconjp Android Enthusiast

    Apple has suffered thru "leaked" delays... look at the 4S. However the big difference is when Apple finally announces an iDevice, they firmly specified DATE, PRICES, and CARRIERS. This is what's completely lacking and frustrating with Google/Samsung.
  17. matatora

    matatora Newbie

    Perhaps, but as someone who currently has an iphone it is not all sunshine and roses.
    It seems that VZW would have had less of an annoyed customer base had they upon announcing the phone in October, when many of us were already eager to purchase it, given a firm release date to the public. A consistent date even far off allows a consumer to be excited, do a countdown etc, but may have been overlooked in interest of using the people like ourselves to create free marketing buss.
    People would have likely generated less articles/rumors about the phone if they were not constantly trying to locate additional information about when it would be released. So no news translates to more interest, and more frustration. It seems, at least from reading these forums, that it has given some people time to change their mind about wanting to purchase the hand set.
  18. chris2k5

    chris2k5 Android Enthusiast

    It is Google's, Samsung's, and Verizon's faults. They shouldn't have shown off the device or even mention it beforehand until it is even remotely ready to be released.

    Apple has done it right. They announce a product along with shipping dates and the product is ready to go.

    Google, Samsung, nor Verizon even mention a release date so what was the point of introducing the phone? This problem isn't isolated to these three companies though...

    Blackberry (RIM), LG, Motorola, etc also do it.
  19. tbrindisi

    tbrindisi Member

    Not trying to be rude, but this is what I see. A bunch of verizon wireless customers being bent over and railed from behind. It's quite a shame that a company treats its customers like this, and then the customer's make excuses for why its not their fault!!! hillarious. Its like the wife that gets beaten and always takes up for her piece of sh@ husband. It makes no sense at all.

    Listen... to all those saying there was never a release date... BS. Google/Samsung clearly stated the device would be released in NOVEMBER. Last time I checked, it is not november. I willing to bet all of this is related to the google wallet BS. Notice that this "delay" that just happened was immediately after the "Verizon blocking google wallet" controversey went mainstream. I'm sure Verizon is thinking of ways to CYA themselves went people get pissed they can't use google wallet.
  20. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    Yes. Shame on these companies for not having the device available to you when you want it. Verizon will release this phone when it's ready. Regardless of the reason. And people have a serious problem with this strategy? How dare they force everyone to wait for a phone and not have anything else to offer.... Oh wait... Everybody that is angry or annoyed over this situation is making a conscious decision to wait for this phone.

    I don't care if it doesn't release until next year. I'm dropping $300 on it and i want a device that will work and last me two years. It seems illogical to want a device so badly then in the same breath be angry they're making sure it works properly.

    A lot of people (other than yourselves and this forum) are going to have this phone on a contract for 2 years. Give Verizon a break for trying to take care of them. There is a reason they have finished first in customer satisfaction the last couple years.
  21. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    So it's Verizon's fault that they couldn't meet the Google and Samsung release date? Even though the chances are that it's a Google / Samsung related problem that is delaying the release?
  22. tbrindisi

    tbrindisi Member

  23. tylerdurdin

    tylerdurdin Android Enthusiast

    Verizon does not care one way or the other....Not to mention....think about this...They lose NOTHING by not releasing this phone in a timely manner. I am positive that Verizon understands all the hooplah going on about this phone....They also know that there are a whole buttload of little phandroids that are going to run to the store to exchange their Droid Razors and Rezounds, The longer this goes on the better it is for them. Do you really believe that Verizon wants all those rented devices back and even if the person on the sales floor said they would take it back, They will tell you WHATEVER they have to to get you out of the store with the device. I assure you the same way that verizon does not want 50,000 people calling about their Nexus doing strange things is the SAME to them as having 50,000 people coming to exchange their rented phones for a device with none of their bloat.

    Think about the timeline......think about the fact that people are CLEARLY moving out of the exchange option.....Verizon knows everything...it is why they are a multi-billion dollar company...they also know that...NOBODY is leaving Verizon and fully intend to do whatever is best for them.
  24. shadrap

    shadrap Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Good artist create art. Great artist copy. It's time for Google to start copying Apple's best attributes.

    Beginning with the lag in the UI. Andrew Munn's blog is a great read and explains why Android's UI will continue to lag even with Ice Cream Sandwich. The priority levels of the operating system have to change to enable UI as priority 1. Apple and Window's Phone do this. Android does not.

    Secondly, the Nexus phone is Google's phone. It is their pride and joy. They should have some control over how the release is handled. This has been unacceptable.

    Some people say they never gave a release date. Yes, Matias Duarte said on the Verge the phone would be available in the US in November.

    Some people will say, there were bugs. Do you want a phone with bugs? Yes, release the phone when you said you would. Apple releases their phone on schedule and will update as needed. Just as they recently did with iOS 5.0.1

    Some people will say, we are only a small segment of the population. This is true, but if you are like me. How many people ask for your opinion on phones because of your knowledge? I have numerous. So my opinion can sway many people, just like yours. Some of us are bloggers and twitter users with numerous followers. I am personally a writer on a smaller Android site with 50k members. Never believe that forum member opinions do not matter.
  25. ItalianScallion

    ItalianScallion Well-Known Member

    It's a bit comical how some folks are getting so upset with Verizon as if they didn't want to release a phone that most likely will prove to be wildly popular, particularly amongst enthusiasts.

    Who knows why there hasn't been an official launch date? I'm sure Verizon has its reasons. Maybe a bug, maybe concerns about the recently reported LTE outage, maybe they want to eke out a few more sales of Razrs and Rezounds.

    It'll be here soon. Until then, relax a bit. It's just a phone. :)

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