have a very common question

how can i use my music as text message alert sound


Android Expert
Download ringdroid from the market...it allows you to cut out the parts you dont want and make ringtones/notifications out of the music on your sd card


Android Expert
Or....if you already have a mp3 file that's pre-edited that you want to use...just create a "notifications" folder on your SD card and transfer the files into that folder and your phone should read it.
Same goes for ringtones...just create a "ringtones" folder.


i bought my HTC Wildfire just a month back with Android v2.1
i got an update to Android v2.2 yesterday.
Should i update to v2.2?
because many of my friends have updated the Android in their Wildfire to v2.2 and are facing problems like quicker battery drain out, sluggishness of phone functionality etc.

Please Advice.