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have an optimus V thinking about upgrading is it worth it

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by terramir, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. terramir

    terramir Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I got an optimus V stock rom rooted but nothing else yet and I'm thinking about upgrading to the triumph since it's the best phone where I can keep my 25 dollar plan.
    Now two of my biggest peeves with the optimus V is that it only has like 160 mb of memory for programs and well even moving programs over to flash card I got serious space issues.
    now the triumph is supposedly supposed to have 2gb of flash onboard according to what i'm reading and it's supposed to have a 1ghz snapdragon vs the 600 mhz ( overclockable to 800 with rom) the lg has. so the question is is it worth it I need some experianced users to give me some input.
    Btw what is the highest OS I can go with this without loosing phone features, read something about cams not working in ICS?
    thanks please give a noob some input

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  2. Izzard

    Izzard Well-Known Member

    At this point Triumph is the best phone on $25 plan.
    Highest OS you can go without losing phone features is CM7 - minus HDMI.
    Now with CM9 on its way I believe camera will be fixed, but so far I'm pretty happy with CM7 to be honest.

    If you ask me, yes it is totally worth an upgrade especially if you can get Triumph on eBay for decent price.
  3. rcarter10

    rcarter10 Well-Known Member

    I went from the v to triumph, no comparison. Do it.
  4. wildplace

    wildplace Newbie

    only for a cheaper price. i got mines week ago for $180. definitely worth the investment and you must flashed a custom rom...g60madman's to make it a real smartphone!
  5. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Android Enthusiast

    Go for it. I really felt like it was a worthy upgrade coming from the Optimus V, mainly because of the bigger screen with higher resolution. The triumph is actually a really good phone once you load a custom ROM. I know radio shack has it for 169 now regular price. Or you could probably find it cheaper online somewhere. My friend has the Optimus still and I find it hard to read the text now coming from my triumph.
  6. adjr

    adjr Newbie

    Is it worth it? It depends on what is important to you.

    The optimus V is still a decent phone, especially with Cm7 intsalled, and there are somethings I miss about my old Optimus v. The biggest thing I miss is one handed operation. With the V it felt comfortable in one hand and I could reach everything with my thumb from the same hand.
    Also, I miss the hardware buttons. There is no dedicated camera key, voice command key, or the four hardware keys at the bottom of the triumph.
    Bigger battery. Yep, smaller phone, slower CPU, and smaller screen resolution coupled with a bigger battery equals longer life.
    The Triumph speakers are at the bottom of the phone, too close to the mic, if you use the loud speaker option in phone calls, sometimes your voice gets cancelled out a little.
    The Op V fits nicely concealed in a shirt pocket, the triumph might or might not depending on the size of your shirt pocket.
    There are work a rounds for some of these things, camera app starter on your lockscreen, custom ROMs have found very good ways of saving battery life. That being said I made the jump to the triumph and here are some things you'll like if you do:
    A lot more real estate. Plenty of room, both on screen and in memory. Downloaded ever possible app I could think of enjoying and don't have have to worry about moving them to the SD card if I don't want to.
    Display clarity. The screen is definitely clearer, crisper.
    Flash. Both kinds. Adobe flash, and the camera flash which has been very nice in those need a flashlight but don't want to carry one situations.
    Stereo speakers built in, they really don't seem any louder together to me than the one speaker on the Op V, but if you place the phone in front of you just right you can hear the stereo.
    A bright future of possibilities considering more potential in the hardware. Lots of alternative ROMs to play with. While Virgin Mobile has done hardly anything to support this phone the community here at AF has really stepped up! Something I can't fully explain, but when you the the triumph and get involved you'll experience it. The Op V community was also wonderful here, I have to say, it does seem to me just a tad better for the Triumph (subjective opinion). Special thanks to all those who worked hard on the OP V too!
    I guess I would say, think about what you want to do with your phone. They both have good and not so good qualities. Both are decent phones. However, If you just want to stay "stock" I'd stay with the OP V. Hope this helped.
  7. jarjar124

    jarjar124 Android Enthusiast

    the question is...do u want to stay on the $25 plan? if not...i suggest u wait. virgin mobile and samsung with boost is announcing something special on aug 22 :) if u do want to stay on that plan then get the MT.
  8. rcsrich

    rcsrich Android Expert

    Triumph all the way! The OV is a great little phone, but the memory, screen & processor upgrade totally make it worth it to get the Triumph IMHO. I paid a little over $200 a while ago and still feel good about it (the days I'm not thinking I could have bought a Galaxy Nexus for $350 & put it on Straight Talk ;)) and for what they are selling at now, it's totally a good deal! Just be aware you really do need to root the phone & replace the stock ROM to fully unlock the phone's potential (HDMI not withstanding). Good thing she's easy to root!
  9. Lanman1978

    Lanman1978 Android Enthusiast

    Gingerbreak all the way!
  10. rcsrich

    rcsrich Android Expert

  11. ecarlson

    ecarlson Well-Known Member

    You don't even have to root the Triumph, just install a custom recovery via a simple USB file copy, then do a Nandriod back in the custom recovery (in case you want/need to go back to the stock ROM), then flash the ROM of your choice in the custom recovery: Very simple, especially with all the guides and videos to show you how. And all the ROMs are pre-rooted.

    The only reason to root is if you want to keep the stock ROM, and need to do root operations, like fix the log file issue that the stock ROM has.
  12. dpaultx

    dpaultx Newbie

    Are the "log file issues" of the Triumph's stock ROM automatically fixed in all of the available custom ROM's?

    Or do still have to clean them up manually?
  13. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles

    It's fixed in all the custom ROMs as far as I know.
  14. cpht

    cpht Member

    Radio shack has triumph on sale for about $150

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