Root Have I borked my phone?


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Since Friday I've been screwing around with my phone a lot. Rooted and all sorts of crazy stuff.

Now, my Gmail is acting funny. When the phone starts up, or if I force a refresh of Gmail, I get an error about "" not working and I have to force close it. It seems that Gmail isn't syncing properly and won't send email. Also, my Market won't download anything which may or may not be related.

I have cleared the data cache for both Gmail and Gmail storage then rebooted the phone, but that didn't help.

Any suggestions? Do I need to start thinking about just reflashing?


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Mine has been giving me a lot of error's as well and I'm not rooted. I think 2.1 official was buggier then the leaked version.


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Menu > Settings > Location and Security > Clear Storage

This will wipe the phone to just updated condition. It won't restore any removed system apk's. If this doesn't work, re flash de03.

From my WinMo days when flashing custom roms was a almost daily occurrence, it was found that doing an additional hard rest (clear mem for android) after flashing cured a host of issues. I still do it as habit.

Good luck!


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Pasta, I went in to try this, and the option to Clear Storage is grayed out. Do I need to do something to enable that?

ETA: Duh, nevermind. Just had to set a password first.