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Have I bricked my desire :'(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by emeraldnumber1, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. emeraldnumber1

    Thread Starter

    As i write this i fear that my htc desire.... could have died

    I tried rooting it and i was on the very last step, flashing the zip, it has been stuck on install from sd card completed for about 15 mins, should i pull out the battery coz none of the other buttons are working?

    EDIT: also every 10 secs (about) a little blue circle circles on my pc, as if its loading something?

  2. emeraldnumber1

    Thread Starter

    its ok fixed it
  3. eastley

    eastley Lurker

    Mine is bricked also, how did you fix yours?
  4. zoidy84

    zoidy84 Well-Known Member

    is yours doing the same as the guys above or are you stuck on the "quietly brilliant" loading screen?
  5. kilroy

    kilroy Member

    I suspect the phone is harder to properly 'brick' than people think. If the phone hangs, remove the battery and start over. Eventually it should work as long as you are using the right rooting method for your bootloader version. I have rooted a number of times as well as installing custom ROMS and A2SD. It is rare for the processes to work correctly first time around, you just need to persist.
  6. celticone

    celticone Well-Known Member

    Word of warning though, after a successful rooting and flashing of numerous ROMS I still managed to usb brick my desire when I flashed my latest ROM (used one of the more popular ROMs as well), now bricked and despite following the many unbrick guides can't get it fixed.

    Now i just need to find a way to get it repaired under warranty from HTC :D don't fancy my chances. Think you can get it repaired by paying a fee to HTC? Don't think I can handle the thought of having to bin the phone.
  7. ukzen

    ukzen Android Enthusiast

    How exactly can a phone be bricked ,totally unusable ?,surely it just a bunch of components with a firmware programmed into it ,cant they be unbricked,(total newb ,who has no idea what he is talkin about).
  8. celticone

    celticone Well-Known Member

    My phone at the moment can start up and I can connect to a wireless signal to surf the net or download apps from the market however I can't access my SIM, make phone calls, access SD Card.

    Apparently my phone is bricked and I need to re enable my SD card however my USB is knackered on the phone (some how) so I can't unbrick the phone as you need the PC to talk with the phone via USB.

    The eggheads, much more intelligent that me, on other forums are telling me things to fix it but so far no good. So rooting/flashing roms is not 100% fool proof :D I'm evidence to prove that.
  9. Desire D

    Desire D Well-Known Member

    I thought there was a way of solving almost all bricking now on the Desire thanks to the peeps over on XDA etc.

    Probably a silly question, but not knowing much about your exact probelm, can't you do what you need to do to the SD card via a card reader or something?
  10. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Android Expert

    Just posted a new thread in this section with a link in it that may help fix your problem


    Hope it works for you.

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