Aug 11, 2012
Hi everyone,

I've read many posts on here in the past and think you guys do a great job of helping people out, but unfortunately I now need that help...

I wiped my screen and back of the phone with a damp cloth this afternoon to get some of the usual finger print marks off it. This isn't my usual method, but I had a cloth in my hand, saw my phone and thought "I'll give that a quick wipe" - something which I think I'm now regretting! (the cloth wasn't dripping BTW). After the wipe I took the back off the phone to dry up any water that may have gone down the cracks where the back fits on. There was a tiny bit around the edges but nothing anywhere else.

The phone seemed fine afterwards, but I was listening to music on it about an hour later (through earphones), when the music stopped playing. I looked at the phone and the music player was still running but had stopped the track. I pressed play and put it back in my pocket, but the same thing happened about 30 seconds later. This then happened again but when I went to press play I found that my screen had locked up. I held down the off button until it started to reset, but the reset would only go as far as the initial screen which says "Samsung Galaxy SII GT-I9100" before the animation stage. This stays on for about 6 seconds, goes off for 2 seconds, and then repeats. The area behind the rear camera lens gets hot if it's left in this cycle.

The phone wont go into recovery mode, but it does from time to time allow me to go into the download mode. In a desperate effort to regain use of my phone, I downloaded a stock ROM version of ICS 4.03 (it previous had a stock ROM for ICS 4.03 for O2 UK). I couldn't remember whether I had left USB debugging ticked on the set-up screen, and of cause wasn't able to boot the phone to check, but I connected the phone and installed the ROM via Odin. The install went fine up to the point where the phone required its first restart, after which it got stuck in the same boot loop. Odin stated that the ROM has been successfully downloaded to the phone.

I hope this is enough information for you to be able to help me out? If not please let me know. Please let me know if there's anyway that I can fix it.

Many thanks in advance!
Hello and welcome to Android Forums darrenh666! :)

Bricked is the term for a phone that is completely dead and will not even turn on.

Unfortunately, liquids and electrical items do not mix well as you are discovering.

Here is the standard reply to this sort of incident...

In the unfortunate event of getting your phone wet...


2. Immediately remove the back cover and battery.

3. Gently, and carefully, dry the components with kitchen paper.

4. Take a plastc (tupperware) container and fill it with dry, uncooked, rice and place your phone, wrapped in kitchen towel, in the centre of it.

5. Leave for 2-3 days in a warm place like an airing cupboard.

6. Remove and reassemble. Offer up a prayer and switch on.

Hope this helps. :D
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